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Nero MediaHome 2017 is an application designed to be your all-in-one multimedia manager, viewer and player for songs, images and movies.

The application automatically scans your computer when you run it and identifies all the files. With it you are able to effortlessly organize and catalog files, place them in custom folders and even share them online.

Nero MediaHome displays a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to browse through the files, sort them and customize their details. The application offers a timeline viewing mode which sorts the images by the date in which they were added. This makes it very easy for you to locate photos that have been downloaded from your camera and misplaced somewhere on your hard drive but you can however use the built-in search function.

Features of Nero MediaHome 2017 Full

Copying a one-touch
• The first steps of your child or shoot your recent skydiving – it’s the memories that should not be overlooked. Back up your favorite videos on DVD or Blu-ray, to see them and remember the best moments of his life when a desire.

Masters burn
• Create, Burn and copy your files to a CD, DVD and Blu-ray with the best programs in the world to burn.

Music just for you
• Why stop when you play lists iTunes ® and MP3-files only to your iPod ® device or a computer? Record your favorite songs on a CD for easy listening in the car or on the CD player.

Movie magic
• Once you have finished editing your movie, you need to show it to others. Do not store the memories of your wedding or prom in a folder – publish them on or DVD-Blu-ray-discs to view later in the family, when everyone in the mood. Years will pass, but these are expensive for your memories will come back again and again, because you will have drives that can be found on the DVD-player at home or on a laptop on the road. – What can be done using Nero MediaHome Burning

Burning with the best technology
• From the experts who created these technologies, we can expect only the best quality products. Keep a record of your photos, music and videos on CD, DVD, and Blu-ray. You expect from Nero highest quality playback, and you will get it! – What can be done using Nero MediaHome Burning.

Synchronization and uploaded to the server in one touch
• Did you move the contents of your digital camera to your Android ™ phone or PC files on a tablet device, it can be done with one click. Import, sync and convert your favorite tunes to play them on the phone Android, import photos from a digital camera, or browse movies on a tablet device, and do not worry about what format can not come here. – What can be done using Nero MediaHome.

Significant tags
• Tired view files with only “understandable” names, such as IMG442.JPG? And so are we.
• Cataloged to your photos and videos to your PC with the utmost care and are in absolute chaos, Nero MediaHome will help you quickly find what you need.
• The names of folders and subfolders are automatically tagged with keywords. Tags and the information is in the metadata. And if that’s not enough to find what you need, create as many additional custom tags. To tag all of you for anything meaningful content!

Plays all formats
• You have recorded a video with the last of the celebration on a mobile phone? A video recorded on holiday with a digital camera AVCHD? And your favorite HD-movie recorded on the disc Blu-ray? You have a lot of digital content stored in different places, so you may need to reformat the files before you can see them. Now it’s different. Nero MediaHome Playback enables you to play all formats of video and photos from any camera. Will reformat the program itself, you just have to sit back and enjoy. – What can be done using Nero MediaHome Playback.

Perfect video on mobile devices
• Prepare your favorite shows and movies for viewing on your smartphone or tablet device on vacation, train, or in bed before going to sleep, ceased to be a task that is available only for IT professionals. Expansion app Nero MediaHome Sync will make you an IT professional, as your video will automatically be converted into the right size and the right quality for Android ™ and other mobile devices. Essentially, long gone are the days when you had to sit for hours and convert video to the format you want to watch, as all technical aspects of our application is run, and you just have to enjoy. – What can be done with Nero MediaHome

Delightful slideshow
• So, you have dozens of photos from the last birthday. Should not bring them together in one slideshow? Create a delicious, personalized slideshows with special effects, invented by you names, background images, and other improvements. – What can be done with Nero MediaHome

Make a statement the world
• The photo shows a moment, but a slide show tells the story. Show the history of your family life, friends and the whole world. We uproshaem create slide shows with which to show the most beautiful moments of life, and download them to Facebook and YouTube.

Title: Nero MediaHome Standard 2017 v18.0.8
Developer: Nero
License: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows
– Official website does not supply any information about changes in this version

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