Nature Illusion Studio Standard Edition 2012 v3.61 +

Nature Illusion Studio Standard Edition 2012 v3.61 +
Add Weather Effects and Sound to Nature Photos

You’ve captured some of the most beautiful photographs of nature, but every time you look at them, something seems missing. Sure, the colors pop, but the other noteable memories – the rushing waters, the birds flying overhead, they’re nowhere to be found. 
Nature Illusion Studio Standard Edition transforms your nature photos into living works of art with weather effects that are sure to astound! Using Nature Illusion Studio Standard Edition, you can add realistic snow, water, rain, and more, then throw in some butterflies, birds, and other objects to increase the level of nature in your nature photography. You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer, either, since Nature Illusion Studio Standard Edition offers an intuitive interface that lets anyone transform their photos.
It’s not just rain or snow, either. Within each category, you have complete control over such details as the intensity, wind direction, speed, transparency, and size. And once you think you’re done improving your photos with weather effects, you can take it to the next level! Nature Illusion Studio Standard Edition lets you add sound effects to all of your photos, immersing your audience in a total sensory nature experience. When you’re done, you can save your living photos as self-executing files, videos, or screensavers!
File Size : 8.3 MB

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