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MAGIX Music Maker Premium
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MAGIX Music Maker Premium / Live 2016 – Designed for both beginners and professional users, MAGIX Music Maker Premium is a full-featured application that provides music producers with all the necessary tools for creating their own tracks. Realistic instruments, together with the advanced editing capabilities incorporated allow them to transform a simple song into a real hit.

Access a large number of samples and instruments
• The program comes with a wide and varied collection of sounds, loops, samples and templates from every music genre that can be combined in order to create great mixes. If that is not enough, you can import other songs from CDs or from your computer and use them in your project.
• The included virtual instruments (drum sounds, orchestra string ensemble, percussion sounds, bass sounds and lines) can be seamlessly integrated into your productions, while the sample player provides unlimited sound editing possibilities.

Use a mixer and synthesizer
• Using the built-in mixer together with the high-quality, enriching audio effects (equalizer, reverb, delay, pitch and tempo) allows you to experiment with tones and the built-in synthesizers are guaranteed to deliver high-quality sounds.

Record audio input, backup projects and burn items to a CD
• MAGIX Music Maker Premium also comes with an audio recorder and a text-to-speech tool, enabling you to add a personal touch to your music. Tempo and pitch customization, audio peak meter tool, sound extraction from videos, MIDI synchronization and editing and audio plugin support are other features that the application comes with.
• In order to protect your work, the program creates project backups periodically. Also, it features advanced search functions, customizable shortcut keys and a simplified interface, where only the important areas are displayed.
• Once your song is ready, you can export it to MP3 format, burn it to a CD or publish it online on Twitter or Facebook.

• All in all, MAGIX Music Maker Premium comprises a set of features that music aficionados can use to unleash their creativity and enjoy the full studio experience at home. All tasks are completed in a timely manner, the computer’s performance is not going to be affected at all and our tests did not reveal any errors or crashes.

Features of MAGIX Music Maker

Produce and perform electronic music:
• Just select one of the loop sets, and then play and record in realtime using the keyboard, the MAGIX Audio Remote app or the MAGIX USB pad controller.

Get started with 16 virtual pads:
• Perform on 16 virtual pads with loop sets that have been developed specifically to work with them. Activate drums, melodies and bass with the press of a button.

With 7 different pitches in each set for more creative power:
• A click is all it takes to adjust the pitch on the premade sounds and samples. No matter which of the 7 pitches you choose, everything will match perfectly.

Perform using the USB pad controller:
• The USB pad controller and Music Maker 2016 Live have been developed specifically to work with each other and with the Live Pads.

Even more Live Sets Perform non-stop:
• The loop sets for Live Pad mode can be obtained from right within the program. Explore the world of music and create your own sets for Hip Hop, Dubstep, EDM, Rock and Electro. You can also switch between 7 different pitches in each set.

What’s New
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