LuraTech PDF Compressor Desktop

LuraTech PDF Compressor Desktop

LuraTech PDF Compressor Desktop

is a software utility which lets individuals reduce the size of their scanned images and PDF documents. There is a large number of formats supported, out of which we mention TIF, BMP, JPG, PPM and PDF.

After a surprise-free installation process, you are met with a tabbed interface which enables you to quickly find all the options available. In addition to that, it is intuitive and presents a classical design which closely resembles the one used in the Windows 98 and 95 operating systems.

Upon uploading a file to the software tool, you can choose where to place the resulted item, namely in the source directory or a custom one. You can keep, delete or move the input file, as well as select the output folder for the logs.

This program enables you to configure the quality of the compressed file, resolution, mask codec and compatibility. Aside from that, you can choose between several built-in profiles, dedicated for certain types of documents. For example, the “B/W” can be used for black-and-white items, “Photo” will not detect text, while “Check” is to be used with files which contain fine structures, and the list goes on.

The duration of the compression varies, depending on the size of the uploaded item and your computer’s performance.

It is important to keep in mind that this app does not support batch processing, which is a drawback, seeing that it could have significantly enhanced ease of use.

LuraDocument PDF Compressor is a decent piece of software for compressing PDF and image files. It uses moderate to low CPU and RAM, has a good response time, yet the interface definitely needs more work.

• Reducing scanned document sizes
• Compressing scanned documents and emailing them
• Reducing document sizes to make them available for download
• Compressing signed and scanned contracts
• Combining multiple component parts of a contract into a single PDF file
• Processing and compressing individual documents from a database
• Processing and compressing multiple documents from a database, combining them into one multi-page PDF
• Creating digital job application portfolios out of PDF files and multiple scanned elements (e.g. cover letter in PDF format, CV in PDF format, references in JPG format, etc.) and combining them into one multi-page, highly-compressed PDF
• Turn large, unwieldy scans into small documents for cloud and desktop use
• Turn color scans with large amounts of information (and file sizes to match) into color files for desktop use, often no larger than black/white TIFF files

What’s New
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How To Activate
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

Title Release: LuraTech PDF Compressor Desktop
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
Language: English
Size: 65.8 MB
OS: Windows

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