LinkCollector Portable PreActivated

LinkCollector Portable Edition is a bookmark manager that supports all major browsers, such as Firefox, Opera, IExplorer. The program allows you to synchronize bookmarks

between different browsers and computers and it can be stored on a USB disk.

Moreover, LinkCollector it will not write any data to the Windows registry nor will it save anything to system folders.
Its nice, intuitive interface will allow you to do everything you need with your bookmark in no time. LinkCollector Portable Edition allows you to add, remove and edit bookmarks, search for duplicates, check links for availability, remove non-existing links, quickly open a link in various browsers (Firefox, Opera, IExplorer, Mozilla, Netscape) and also capture a link from the browser you are currently working with.
. Import bookmarks from such browsers as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome
. Import from such file formats as HTML (bookmarks), SQLite (Firefox and LinkCollector bookmarks), URL (Internet Explorer Favorites), JSON (Chrome bookmarks), ADR (Opera bookmarks), as well as earlier versions of LinkCollector
. Export all bookmarks into the HTML (bookmarks) file format from program and any supported browser (also from PC and Portable)
. Export selected bookmarks into the HTML (bookmarks) file format
. Manage and synchronize bookmarks of such browsers as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome
. Fast search
. Find and manage duplicates
. Find and manage dead links
. Create and manage own favorite bookmarks
. Encode the bookmarks file
. Create backup files for LinkCollector, Firefox, Opera and Chrome bookmarks
. Get bookmark data from web pages (capture screenshots, save titles, favicons and check URL availability at any time)
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 2003 
——-[What’s New in This Release]——————–
. added: click on bookmark of duplicate list to view it into the categories
. improved: auto update the duplicates list is disabled
. improved: search the part of the text
. fixed: error when delete bookmark from category before delete it from duplicates list
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