LibreOffice 24.2.2 + Portable (Latest 2024)

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LibreOffice 2024 is a fantastic software suite for your Windows PC. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, helping you work smarter. With the included portable version, take your office tools on the go without installation hassles. LibreOffice 2024 is all about user-friendly features, making it easy to create, edit, and share files hassle-free. This free download is a game-changer, offering powerful functionality without the hefty price tag. Upgrade your office experience with LibreOffice 2024 – it’s not just software, it’s your efficient digital assistant for all things document-related!

Features of LibreOffice 2024

As the name implies, Libre-Office – one of the largest free office products. Freedom is manifested in:

  • The absence of any license fees for the purchase and use of the product.
  • The absence of a language barrier. If your language is not included in Libre-Office, certainly, this will soon change.
  • Open access to the source code under a license agreement OSI.

Libre Office cares about quality:

  • Libre-Office has a rich heritage. The development has its roots in the past. The community has more than 20 years of experience on which to rely.
  • Thousands of users around the world are taking part in the beta testing of the new version.
  • The process of creating LibreOffice is completely open. Everyone has the opportunity to participate in the improvement of LibreOffice.

LibreOffice convenient:

  • Easy to use and can be used without special training by all who have once worked with any office software.
  • Switching from another office suite to LibreOffice is simple since LibreOffice supports most existing formats of “office” files.
  • LibreOffice has technical support that is provided by volunteers around the world to help find answers to questions both novices and experienced users.

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is LibreOffice safe?

LibreOffice, an open-source office suite, is generally considered safe. Its code is publicly accessible, allowing users to scrutinize it for security. Regular updates address vulnerabilities, enhancing safety. However, like any software, risks may exist, so users should practice standard security measures, such as keeping software up to date and using reputable sources.

Title: LibreOffice v24.2.2
Developer: Homepage
License: Freeware
Language: English
OS: Windows

Download LibreOffice Portable for Windows

LibreOffice 24.2.2 | 32 bit | File Size: 327 MB
Pixeldrain | Home Site

LibreOffice 24.2.2 | 64 bit | File Size: 347 MB
Pixeldrain | Home Site

Portable LibreOffice 24.2.2 | 64 bit | File Size: 381 MB
Pixeldrain | Direct

LibreOffice 7.6.4 | 64 bit | File Size: 327 MB
MediaFire | Direct

Portable LibreOffice 7.6.4 | 64 bit | File Size: 399 MB
MediaFire | Direct

Portable LibreOffice 7.3.3 | 32 bit | File Size: 184 MB
MediaFire | Direct

Portable LibreOffice 7.4.2 | 64 bit | File Size: 220 MB
MediaFire | Direct

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