Kon Boot Download 2.7 [Full]

Kon Boot Download Full Version

Kon Boot Download is an application which will silently bypass the authentication process of Windows based operating systems. Without overwriting your old password! In other words you can login to your Windows profile without knowing your password. Easy to use and excellent for tech repairs, data recovery and security audits. Fast, tiny and gets your job done.

Features of Kon Boot Download Full

KON-BOOT 2in1 for Windows and Mac OSX
One Kon-Boot pendrive to bypass Windows and Mac OSX authorization process. One Kon-Boot pendrive to rule them all! Kon-Boot 2in1 is basically Kon-Boot for Windows and Kon-Boot for Mac OSX connected together. No need for multiple pendrives anymore.

Title: Kon-Boot v2.7
Developer: Home Page
License: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows / MacOSX
Kon-Boot 2in1 can be only installed on USB thumb drive (there is no .ISO in the package). Windows OS and Internet connection is required for the installation. All other requirements were already presented above (in the Kon-Boot for Windows and Kon-Boot for Mac OSX sections).

Supported Operating Systems:
All Windows systems starting from Windows XP to Windows 10 (both x86 and x64)
Regarding the UEFI support only Windows 8/8.1/10 x64 systems are supported (this is default Microsoft policy, additionally there are virtually none x86 UEFI systems out there). Kon-Boot now is able to bypass online account authorization on Windows 8/8.1. On Windows 10 only local account authorization bypass is available (with possibility to add new administrator account automatically (USB only)).

– macOS High Sierra OSX 10.13 (NEW)
– macOS Sierra OSX 10.12
– OSX 10.11
– OSX 10.10
– OSX 10.9
– OSX 10.8
– OSX 10.7
– OSX 10.6 (experimental)

– Includes fixes for Windows (+awesome feature for Commercial licenses) and Mac OSX (supports 10.13).

Download Kon-Boot Free for PC

Kon-Boot 2.7 | File Size: 1 MB
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