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Kerish Doctor 2012 v4.40 (Fix Any Problems) +

Kerish Doctor 2012 Windows Maintenance Center which features the latest technology developments.

Kerish Doctor 2012 unique system prevents Windows crashes and repairs Registry errors in real-time.
Application performs thorough and safe cleanup by removing junk files and outdated cache from your PC and significantly boosting its performance.
Kerish Doctor 2012 protects your computer from malicious software and potential security threats by monitoring all vital system security vulnerabilities.
Smart Update system promptly updates the software database which is regularly improved by our experts. This feature makes Kerish Doctor 2012 constantly increase its efficiency and makes it one of the best solutions of its class.

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Kerish Doctor 2012 for PC


Protection from malware
Windows startup control
Potential vulnerability elimination


Windows crashes prevention
System Registry errors repair
PC temperature control


junk files cleaning
Outdated software cache cleaning
Start menu & shortcuts maintenance


Game applications acceleration
Windows settings optimization
General performance increase


Works in real-time 24/7
Perfectly safe and reliable
Unique failure detection and cleaning technology
Regular core and components update
Full package of Windows maintenance tools
Simple and user-friendly interface
File Size: 17.2 MB

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