KeePass Password Safe 2.34 + Portable [Latest]

KeePass Password Safe

KeePass Password Safe

KeePass Password Safe is a compact but powerful application built to help you store and manage credentials for online accounts as well as protect them from unauthorized access.

Create a database and encrypt info
• In order to use the program you need to create the database that stores all your log-in accounts. It is mandatory to protect the content with a master password, a key file or at least the information of the current user account.
• Using the master password can be safer than the other two methods, since a person that has access to your computer account can also gain access to the database content. For maximum protection you can combine all three security measures.

Organize info with the aid of custom categories
• The database structure is flexible and allows you to create folders or subfolders in order to organize the items. You can also personalize the entries by changing the background color, the icon or by adding a tag.

Enter login details
• Every entry in the database allows you to enter the basic login details such as account description, user, password and website address. If you need to store more details, you can easily create new fields such as “bank account number” or “shipping address.”

Insert a file into the database
• The application also allows you to attach any file to an item from the database in order to view them quickly. The program can handle images, text files and HTLM files that can be previewed without using external programs.

Auto-Type feature and password manager
• An interesting and useful feature of the program is the Auto-Type function that allows you to go directly to a website and to automatically enter the information that is stored in the database. This allows you to login to any website almost instantly, without having to type the username and the password.
• All the modifications made to the database are stored by the program that also allows you to view the time the Auto-Type feature was used. The program includes a powerful password generator that allows you to create multiple passwords that are saved as different entries in your database.

A powerful and efficient password manager
• Overall, KeePass Password Safe is a reliable solution to keep your data safe thanks to the easy-to-use interface and the 256-bit algorithm used for encrypting the content of your database.

KeePass Password Safe

Features of KeePass Password Safe

• KeePass supports password groups, so you can sort your passwords.
• Drag-n-Drop passwords into other windows.
• Export password list to TXT, HTML, XML or CSV files.
• Fast copy password or user name to the Windows clipboard.
• Searching in password database is possible.
• A strong random password generator (you can define the possible output characters).

Title: KeePass Password Safe v2.34
Developer: Dominik Reichl
License: FreeWare
Language: Multi
OS: Windows
* not available

Download KeePass Password Safe 2.34 + Portable (6 MB) :
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