Portable JixiPix Rip Studio Pro v1.0.4 [Latest]

JixiPix Rip Studio Pro

JixiPix Rip Studio Pro

When it comes to designing ads, music, book or CD covers and comprehensive collages, you can employ the services of full-featured and competent applications like Photoshop, but there are simpler ways.

This said, Rip Studio is a user-friendly and reliable piece of software that aims to make it as simple as possible for you to design collages, covers or posters. Right off the bat, you should know that this is an application designed to be as accessible as possible, all while being able to handle multiple layers and 3D shadowing effects.

Modern interface and straightforward workflow

Subsequent to its installation, you are met by a streamlined and modern looking main window. In terms of appearance, the utility follows the path of many other apps of this sort, with a simple and clear cut interface that provides you with quick access to all important features.

Thanks to its interface, intuitive layout and lots of sliders for adjusting parameters, working with Rip Studio is by no means challenging. You can start your projects from scratch using only your materials or you can take advantage of the built-in collection of presets to jump-start your creativity a bit.

Take advantage of presets, effects, cutting tools and objects

Despite its overall simplicity, the application packs a wide variety of powerful effect tools. Consequently, you can create torn edges around your images, add adjustable borders, emulate scissor style cuts and adjust, resize and move elements with the utmost ease.

To make things even easier, the utility packs a comprehensive collection of cutting tools that allow you to cut images into all sorts of shapes, as well as high-resolution papers, surface textures and a lot of objects. You choose to add staples, gems, stickpins, ribbons and many others with just a few mouse clicks.

Simple graphic designer for all categories of users

To conclude, Rip Studio is a fun and efficient software solution for designing simple photo or book covers, posters, collages and many more. Evidently, in terms of features it cannot be compared with other well-known apps of this sort, but instead it offers a straightforward and stress-free way to unleash your creativity.

Software Features:

• Rip Effect with control over rip width, roughness and fiber length
• Rip Tool for adding and removing areas to torn and cut paper. Also works on shapes and tape
• Rip Styles to change the look of an edge on-the-fly without redrawing the area
• A cool masking tape, duct tape, cloth tape and transparent Tape Effect. When tape is placed on the edge of the image it auto creases! This can’t be done with clip art.
• Masking tape, duct tape and transparent tape with adjustable size, color and surface texture
• Move Image Tool for resizing and moving the image inside a ripped or cut area
• Text Editor for creating ripped, cut, bordered or regular-style letters and sentences
• Smart Layers for composing layouts, collages and easy reordering of objects
• Multiple Selection for moving paper, tape and other objects together
• 36 shapes will auto-cut images into stars, circles, flowers and more’
• 102 high resolution papers
• 18 surface textures
• 62 objects like staples, gems, stickpins and more-with the ability to add your own! All objects placed will create an impression below
• Robust 3D lighting casts realistic shadows-supports multiple light sources
• Crease Effect for adding crinkles and creases by simply drawing across the area
• Support for fonts installed on your computer system
• Save Project externally will save projects for future editing and sharing with other artists!
• Save Preset for saving templates inside the app-great for creating custom templates for future use
• Save support for PNG and TIF to preserve transparency behind objects
• Support for high resolution images and output
• Pro’s who use the Photoshop and Lightroom Plugin can flag images for batch processing-this features allows photos to be placed right where they want them

Pro Features
• Rip Studio is a PRO product featuring layers, multiple selection, 3D light for casting realistic shadows, and the best effects designed for Artists, Photographers and other Professionals who require high-resolution on output.
• Rip Studio’s edges are fully adjustable and can be customized using Edge Width, Fiber Amount, Fiber Length and Edge Roughness. Once a paper is torn use the image tool to move and adjust photos inside or completely replace the image if needed-this great feature is perfect for creating templates for other projects.
• Rip Studio-is easy, professional and one-of-a-kind. Rip Studio is made for the pro user but easy enough for the novice.

Photo Effects
• Rip – creates hand-torn edges around images and text
• Border – adds an adjustable outline with options for color
• Cut – creates a scissor style cut around edges
• Tape – allows adjustable pieces to be placed, moved and resized


Whats New:

• Added support for Corel Paint Shop Pro X7 and X8

OS: Windows Vista or later 32/64-bit

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