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Indigo Renderer 4

Indigo Renderer is a feature-rich software application that integrates professional tools for enhancing photographs, in order to make them appear more realistic. It comes packed with plenty of advanced options and configuration properties to tinker with.

Customizable installer and user-friendly interface
• The full package includes plugins for 3ds Max, CINEMA 4D and SketchUp, in addition to file type associations and program shortcuts. Any of these components can be excluded from setup.
• The GUI may seem overwhelming to inexperienced users, but it’s actually pretty easy to get around. You can get started by importing Indigo material files, adding mediums and section planes.

Customize a wide range of advanced settings
• It is possible to pick objects, configure image settings when it comes to the width, height, resolution, supersampling factor, aperture diffraction, tone mapping, white point, and compositing, along with render options regarding the render mode, glass acceleration, foreground alpha, halt time and SPP, GPU acceleration, and so on.
• The light layers can be blended by tweaking each color channel, gain and temperature. What’s more, you can resort to network rendering, populate a queue with multiple render scenes, as well as examine log details. Objects can be edited in properties at any time. You can pack or unpack Indigo scenes and materials, as well as reset the layout settings.

Configure program options
• Indigo Renderer lets you display a watermark, open the render saving folder without leaving the interface, enable the default scrollwheel behavior, use the network manager and set the host name, modify OpenGL preview properties when it comes to rendering with textures and wireframes, and more.

Evaluation and conclusion
• The program used a decent amount of CPU and RAM, had a good response time and ran smoothly in our tests, without causing the operating system to freeze, crash or show error notifications. In a nutshell, Indigo Renderer provides experienced users with comprehensive features for simulating the physics of light to obtain realistic images.

Features of Indigo Renderer 4

• Accurate light simulation
• Material creation
• Realistic camera
• Consistent results
• Physical materials
• Realistic lights
• Light layers
• Types of lighting
• Sun & Sky
• Accurate metals
• Motion Blur
• Film control
• Multi-platform
• Large scenes
• High performance

In addition to the new pure GPU rendering, there are some other new features:

General optimisations and rendering speedups:
* Most scenes should render faster on the CPU.
* MLT should be a lot faster for simple scenes now.
* OpenGL viewport is a lot faster
* Sped up rendering double-sided thin material a lot.
* Optimised object tree building – see viewtopic.php?f=7&t=13695
* Rewrote much of Indigo’s subdivision and displacement – see viewtopic.php?f=7&t=13686
* New image saving options. (check out the ‘Image Saving’ tab in the options dialog)
* Added pixel info picker to toolbar
* Added a detachable material preview widget
* Oren-Nayar: Added new implementation of the more accurate model, replacing the ‘qualitative’ model that was being used before.
* Added measured BRDF support
* Added Fast-SSS material

More information about the new GPU rendering mode

Features not currently supported in GPU rendering mode (we’re working on these and they will be supported as soon as possible)
* Architectural glass
* Double-sided thin material
* Glossy transparent material
* Normal maps
* Light layers

Features not currently supported in GPU rendering mode, that probably won’t be available in the initial 4.0 release but later in the 4.x series:
* Sub-surface scattering / participating media
* Bidirectional path tracing
* Other render modes / channels: material ID, foreground alpha, depth and shadows
* Sphere primitives

Known issues with GPU rendering:
* Some realtime changes in GPU rendering mode may crash Indigo
* Max path depth is limited to around 8 bounces currently
* Sphere primitives not supported currently
* Sky colour is slightly different on GPU

Title: Indigo Renderer v4.0.44
Developer: Glare Technologies Limited
License: ShareWare
Language: English
OS: Windows x64.
* Improved dark theme. Added new dark icons for dark theme.
* Improved default/grey theme a bit on Mac.
* Added initial implementation of render queue override settings.
* Added UI for them in render queue settings panel.
* OpenGL preview is only initialised when visible.
* Greatly increased the speed of the scene node list on scenes with lots of nodes.
* Sped up scene parsing somewhat.
* Moved reset layout menu item from Tools to Window menu.
* Fixed rendering issues with negative RGB values.
* Improved some XML parsing error messages in a few places.
* GPU PT: Fixed invisible-to-camera support, was creating artifacts.
* Added log display widget to network manager, improved error messages.
* Fixed issue where setting the halt time on multiple render queue items would update the halt spp for all of them, and vice-versa.
* Made it that you can edit the output path for multiple render queue items at once.
You can use ‘%frame’, which will be replaced with the frame index.
* Added back some output to render log when image saving is initiated.
* Not clearing render log in UI when new scene is loaded. Makes it a bit easier to see what’s going on in queue renderings.

Download Indigo Renderer 4.0.44 x64 (124 MB) :
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