IDPhoto Processor 3.2.10 Free Download

IDPhoto Processor Download Free

IDPhoto Processor is a useful piece of software aimed to help you prepare pictures for being used in IDs, automatically detecting human faces and enabling you to crop several items to the same size, in just a few swift moves.

Clean and intuitive looks
• Thanks to its accessible and straightforward user interface, the application poses little difficulty, even for less experienced individuals, while the provided documentation can help you fill in any gaps.
• The main window of IDPhoto Processor functions as an explorer, allowing you to indicate the storage folder for the targeted files and define the parameters of the operation.

Process pictures for identification documents individually or in batch
• After having set the source path for your images, you can select a single item that you wish to work with individually, and click the ‘Process to File’ function in the right-side panel. At this point, a dedicated ‘ID Image Processing’ window will open, enabling you to define the area to focus on, either the ‘Face’ or the ‘Center’.
• You can also resize the picture to preferred width and height values, or ‘Apply Crop Frame’, adjusting the zoom level and position. You can even use a frame effect, specifically ‘Rounded Corners’. Moreover, IDPhoto Processor allows you to correct the brightness, contrast, gamma and sharpness levels, or use ‘Grayscale’.
• Nonetheless, IDPhoto Processor is aimed mainly at bulk operations, so you can work with countless images at once. This is done by selecting all the targeted files, then clicking on the ‘Process to File’ option. This, however, will require you to confirm your actions for each individual item by pressing the ‘Save’ button, which automatically exports the results to the destination folder.

A handy tool for preparing pictures to be used in IDs
• To conclude, IDPhoto Processor is a practical and easy to handle utility that can assist you in cropping and adjusting digital images,so they can all fit the size of the ID card that you are making.

IDPhoto Processor Full

Features of IDPhoto Processor Full

  • Automatic face detection, crop, and enhancement.
  • Image export to the applications supporting TWAIN. Time lapse capture option.
  • Save ID photo to file: the cropped photo is save to file on the computer disk. Time lapse capture option.
  • Ability to work as TWAIN driver
  • Ability to work as stand alone application.
  • Save all settings to User profiles.
Title: IDPhoto Processor 3.2.10
Developer: Home Page
License: Shareware
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows
– Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 and 64bit), Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 10
– Free 20MB on hard disk for the software files,
– Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1,
– One free USB 1.0 (or higher) port to connect Canon camera to PC. If the software is supplied with the USB dongle your computer shall have the second free USB port,
– Card reader connected to PC (or built-in),

Canon camera requirements:
– 64Mb – 32GB SD memory card,
– Canon camera shall be used in Automatic (A) or Program (P) mode.

– New file formats and image resizing options are added.

IDPhoto Processor Download Full for PC

IDPhoto Processor 3.2.10 | File Size: 29 MB
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