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IdImager Photo Supreme 3

IdImager Photo Supreme 3

Photo Supreme is a software tool that was developed specifically so as to aid individuals organize their photos in a more efficient manner, as well as edit and share them with friends and family members.

Features of IdImager Photo Supreme 3

– Advanced search capabilities
– Multi Tab Browsing
– Import/Ingest images
– Side-by-Side comparison (up to 6 images)
– Keyword tagging
– Advanced GEO Tagging
– Image organization in portfolios
– Duplicate Detection
– Share images with Facebook, Flickr, Smugmug, Zenfolio, Picasaweb, FTP, EMail
– Dual Monitor Support
– Creative Commons support
– Face Detection
– Area Tagging
– Extensible metadata with Custom Fields
– Take your previews with you while travelling
– Color Managed
– Lossless Image Editing
– Fully Scriptable
– Available for Windows and MacOSX platform
– Multi-User network/server version available for PostgreSQL and SQLServer (Server Edition)
– English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Russian locale

Title: IdImager Photo Supreme
Developer: IDimager Systems Inc
License: ShareWare
Language: Multi
OS: Windows
Improvements in this version:
* Added native support for the Darwin Core Biodiversity XMP Data. Custom XMP schemas that were created with old IDimagerV4 or IDimagerV5 versions are no longer read.
* Editor Fields in the Image Details are now better distinguishable
* You can now delete entries for date fields in the Image Details
* Added support for .ppm and .pgm files
* Updated texts for some of the tips
* Added ability to select whether or not to use encryption on FTP transfers
* The Server Edition shows “live” changes made in other open copies of the software
* The Import Process’ performance has improved
* Improved search speed for the Search Bar
* The Server edition now works with a single set of preferences (you may need to recheck your preferences)
* Basic metadata is now processed for newer iPhone/iPad .MOV files
* Opening a set of images is now up to 20% faster on 64 bit systems
* When a “verify folder” leads to multiple imported folders then the last imported images will be shown in a single tab
* When selecting a GEO location from the Map for a Catalog Label, then there’s now a search option on top
* When synchronizing to Flickr then the leaf collection (containing images) will be created as an album and not as a collection+album
* In the Server Edition you can now configure the “Inactivity Lock Period”
* You can now merge a catalog label with another catalog label using drag/drop by holding down the Ctrl+Alt (Cmd+Alt) keyboard combination
* Share to ZenFolio is up again
* The Server Edition now stores the Creative Commons license details in the database to be shared with all users

Fixes in this version:
1. Bug: Fixed an issue with writing duplicate structure entries in XMP for a mapped catalog label to a structured element
* DNGs are displayed at correct resolution in the Image Viewer and Light Table
* Fixed an issue with a “jumping” cursor in the Smart Search Box
* Fixed an issue where sqlite generated an access violation under heavy load
* Fixed an issue with application hanging on startup in certain Mac configurations
* Fixed an issue that caused duplicate files to be uploaded to Flickr
* Fixed an issue that caused FTP uploads to fail on Mac
* Fixed an issue that could lead to the application freezing when importing images
* Improved and fixed handling for mapping catalog label names to XMP properties
* Fixed the display for numeric values in the Image Details panel
* When generating XMP for a versioned image, the PersonInImage and Event wasn’t written to XMP
* When adding a new image to a version set and the image already has Areas then those would be lost when added as a version
* Fixed an issue when deleting a versioned image from a version set then the areas were deleted also
* Fixed an issue where a Pre and/or Post Scripts in the Import Module wouldn’t start

Photo Supreme x32 (17 MB): | Cloud-Disk |
Photo Supreme x64 (19 MB): | Cloud-Disk |
Portable Photo Supreme – 32/64bit (26 MB): | Cloud-Disk |


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