Hide My Ass! Web Proxy 1.3.0

Hide My Ass! Web Proxy

Hide My Ass! Web Proxy is a handy extension that allows you to load a specified webpage by using a proxy server. This tool can come in handy when you want to view a page that is restricted to your country or IP address.

The extension is a practical tool for Firefox users that need to browse websites by using an encrypted connection. You only need to click the add-on button and to enter the URL of the webpage that you want to visit.

The request and the data received from the webpage server are redirected through a different IP address so your real location cannot be traced. You can use it in order to prevent websites from tracking you and using the real IP address for storing your browsing habits.

It is a good method to disguise your computer, and thus keep yourself anonymous on the web, when visiting certain websites since it can use multiple proxy servers located in different countries. You can select the server that you want to use or let the extension manage the connection for each request.

If you find it difficult or tedious to use the add-on button, you can enable the context menu integration or use the address bar to enter the webpage URL. It is quite useful to configure the add-on to open the webpages in a new tab, especially when you need to open multiple links from a webpage by using the context menu.

Most of the IP proxies available are in the United States since the Hide My Ass extension only provides a handful of servers from Europe. This can have an impact on the connection speed and the loading time, depending on your real location and your Internet provider.

Overall, the Hide My Ass! Web Proxy add-on provides a reliable method of hiding your identity when you want to open a certain webpage. If you are not a Firefox user you can also try the Google Chrome version.

• One click proxy. Whilst already browsing a website, click the extension icon to browse the website anonymously
• Select one of 20 web proxy domain names (not just HideMyAss.com)
• URL obfuscation. Choose between encoded and encrypted web proxy URL’s
• SSL encryption. Choose between HTTP and HTTPS web browsing
• Option to always launch web proxy in incognito mode for increased anonymity
• Option to always launch the web proxy in a new tab
• Right click > proxy function

* Brand new design
* Retina-ready images
* Improved UI
* Removed non-compatible proxy domains

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» Hide My Ass! for Firefox 1.3.0
» Hide My Ass! for Chrome 1.2.5

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