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gSyncit – Many users rely on their calendars to remember important dates, like birthdays, business meetings and other similar events. Some of the most important e-mail services offer this functionality either integrated with the client or as a standalone feature.

Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook are among the most representative examples of this kind and the communication between them can be realized, but only if you are using some dedicated utilities that can transfer details from one application or service to another.

Such a tool is gSyncit, a powerful add-in for Outlook, that incorporates seamlessly with Microsoft’s e-mail and calendar service and software solutions. By adding an extra entry in the application’s menu, this extension will make it possible for you to keep in sync all your personal data.

To be more precise, with the help of gSyncit you can take care of contacts, calendar events, notes or tasks. All of those mentioned above can be synchronized with Google, while only part of them, at different levels, are available for coordination with other services like Dropbox, Toodledo, Simplenote or Evernote.

The main focus when it comes to gSyncit is the configuration area, where you will be able to customize in great detail the communication parameters for each service. When accessing the dedicated ‘Settings’ area from Outlook, it is also possible to glance at the compatibilities of various data categories with the online services, because only for the supported functions you can adjust the sync options.

Seen on the whole, gSyncit is one of those add-ins that users who depend on their digital agenda must have. Nonetheless, the feature set could definitely receive some improvements, especially insofar as the two way syncing is concerned.

• Sync with multiple Outlook profiles and service accounts (e.g. multiple Google accounts).
• Automatically matches entries to prevent duplicate items when syncing.
• Automatically sync items on a regular interval, between certain hours of the day, and/or when Outlook starts/exits.
• Detailed sync options to control how and what you want to sync.
• Keyword and Outlook category filters to control the Outlook content you want to sync.

* FIX: Corrects reported issue syncing recurring events with Informant Online where recurring events without an end date could be incorrectly marked for deletion.

OS: Windows XP / XP 64 bit / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit

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