Green Screen Wizard PhotoBooth Free Download

Green Screen Wizard PhotoBooth Free Download

Green Screen Wizard PhotoBooth is an automated photography system that lets a user begin a photo session that can take one or more photos with live view photo preview. The live view preview suggests the person on the background chosen and even supports Sandwich Overlays. The system can create more than one photos on a single output or a simple single photo output that can be printed, emailed or texted to your phone.

While the Green Screen Wizard PhotoBooth can take normal photos,our Photo Booth extends a simple Photo Booth system by adding optional green screen support with its proven best of class green screen engine. Many Photo Booths are aimed at people at a party that are just having some fun and do not care about the quality of the photo. Green Screen Wizard supports the party folks but it also can be configured to offer very high quality output with support for many Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras and the new Logitech Brio 4k webcam. The system is very configurable so that you can setup the booth to be fast and efficient with few user choices or you can configure it to produce high quality images with lots of user selected options.

As a Live View Event System
Normally a Photo Booth is operated by the user. There are times when you want an operator to control the system. For example at an event where you want to move the people through as quickly as possible. Another situation is where the client is perhaps a pet or a preschooler that cannot operate the system. In these cases you can select to turn off the automatic countdown and fire the camera from a button on the screen.

Some thoughts on the Logitech Brio 4k Webcam
Webcames are perfect for photo booth operation. They are can be powered by a usb port, work well in low light, are made to run continuously and are inexpensive. Their downfall has always been color quality and resolution. A great step forward was taken when Logitech introduced the Brio 4k webcam. While at around $200 it is not as cheap as other webcams and it cannot match DSLR in term of quality, it has very good color output and for a webcam its 4096 x 2160 resolution is more then adequate for most Photo Booth applications.

Green Screen Wizard PhotoBooth Full Download

Features of Green Screen Wizard PhotoBooth

Here are a few ways the Photo Booth can be used:

  • A classic Photo Booth with no green screening
  • An automated portrait system, offering multiple backgrounds or overlays
  • A Photo Booth that takes a single image on a predefined background
  • A Photo Booth that lets users choose if they would like a single or Photo Booth style output.
  • As an event system controlled by an operator.
  • A Photo Booth that gives the choice of backgrounds for multiple images

Output includes:

  • Any size and quality image
  • Photo Booth style strips with multiple images and custom backgrounds
  • Support for any windows printer
  • Image Texting to smart phones

Easy to Use
• After installing the system click on the Green Screen Wizard Photo Booth icon on your desktop to start the program. After starting Green Screen Wizard Photo Booth you will see the Photo Booth icon.

Great Camera Support
• Unlike less expensive Photo Booths that only support webcams, the Green Screen Wizard Photo Booth supports Nikon, and Canon EOS cameras and for folks on a budget it also has support for Webcams.

Customizable Skins
• Customers will love seeing a system that appears customized to their event. Photo Booth manufactures will love the idea of banding the look of their Photo Booth. Whatever the reason the ability to customize is a great feature. The Green Screen Wizard Photo Booth can run programs that change the behavior of the booth but it is the skins (user defined backgrounds) that give the look.

Amazing Image Quality
• Many Photo Booths are not concerned about image quality. Green Screen Wizard supports fast low quility images but it also can be configured to offer very high quality output. The benefit is that you can configure the booth to be fast and efficient with few user choices or to produce high quality images with lots of use selected options.

Live Preview with Green Screening and Overlays
• The Live View Page will show a live view from the camera with green screen removed and overlays added. The page can show horizontal or vertical images scaled to match the desired output size set by the program.

Infinite Printer Templates
• The Green Screen Wizard Photo Booth expands the printer template generator capabilities of the standard program by adding background images and lets the user assign a photo sequence number to each image. The program uses this number to determine how many images will be taken by the booth. The template can select any paper size it wants and add as many images of various size to the template (4 is the maximum images that the booth will take but the same sequence number can be used on several images). Layouts can be designed for horizontal or vertical orientation.

Flexible Output
• The Photo Booth has many options for dealing with the output. It can send it to the user’s email address, text it to his phone or print it on a printer.

You can also download Green Screen Wizard Pro

Title: Green Screen Wizard PhotoBooth v4.4
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
Language: English
OS: Windows 7/8/10.
– Official website does not supply any information about changes in this version

Green Screen Wizard PhotoBooth Download Free

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