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Google Satellite Maps Downloader Free

Google Satellite Maps Downloader 7.53 is a convenient tool that allows you to download satellite maps from the Google Maps service. You can use this tool if you want to browse the images on your computer when you are not online or use the maps for geodetic surveys.

The program functions as download manager that can retrieve the maps from a certain area with minimum effort and in a short time interval. You just need to specify the area by entering the geographical coordinates in the main window.

You are able to specify the latitude and longitude range as well as the zoom level in the project parameters. The images are saved on the local hard drive as JPG files that can be opened with any compatible viewer.

However, if you want to browse the images as a map you need to use the Satellite Images Viewer included in the application. It is able to read the project file and arrange the image tiles in order to view the entire map.

The application can combine the downloaded files into a single bitmap file that can be used in other applications. You do not need to use complicated editing software or waste time aligning the files since the entire operation only takes a few seconds depending on the number of images.

The download manager supports multiple threads and can retrieve all the items from the area unattended. If an item cannot be downloaded, its details are saved in the log and you can retry to download it later.

An additional tool is the Coordinates Converter that enables you to transform the latitude and longitude to decimal degrees. It can help you specify the map area that you want to download.

The application requires insignificant resources to run and has no impact on the computer performance even when downloading or merging images. It takes about a minute to download a one square degree map and the merge operation requires only a few seconds.

Google Satellite Maps Downloader is both fast and easy to use which makes it a good solution for retrieving satellite images.

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