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GnuCash is a finance application whose purpose is to help you keep track of your income, expenses, bank accounts, stock portfolios and other business details that put together and kept organized lead to a better management of your accounts and personal finances.

Features of GnuCash

Checkbook-Style Register:
The checkbook-style register provides a custom, convenient and familiar interface to entering financial transactions. The register supports common checking and credit-card transactions, as well as income, stock and currency transactions.

Double Entry:
Every transaction must debit one account and credit others by an equal amount. This ensures that the “books balance”: that the difference between income and outflow exactly equals the sum of all assets and equity.

Reports, Graphs:
GnuCash has an integrated reporting and graphing module, and comes complete with a full suite of standard and customizeable reports, such as Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Portfolio Valuation, and many others.

Income/Expense Account Types:
Income/Expense Account Types (Categories) allow you to categorize your cash flow. When used properly with the double-entry feature and equity accounts, these enable you to generate reports, such as Profit & Loss, that plain-vanilla systems cannot handle.

Multiple Currencies:
Different accounts can be denominated in different currencies. Currency movements between accounts are fully balanced when double-entry is enabled.

Stock/Mutual Fund Portfolios:
Track stocks individually (one per account) or in portfolio of accounts (a group of accounts that can be displayed together).

Small Business Accounting Features:
Simplify managing a small business with Customer and Vendor tracking, Invoicing and Bill Payment, and Tax and Billing Terms.

QIF Import:
Intuit Quicken QIF files can be imported, and are automatically merged to eliminate duplicate transactions.

OFX Import:
GnuCash is the first free software application to support the Open Financial Exchange protocol that many banks and financial services are starting to use.

HBCI Support:
GnuCash is the first free software application to support the German Home Banking Computer Information protocol, allowing German users to perform statement download and initiate bank transfers and direct debits.

Improved Import Transaction Matching:
The development of OFX and HBCI support has also resulted in an improved transaction matching system that more accurately recognizes duplicate transactions during file import.

Statement Reconciliation:
A reconcile window with running reconciled and cleared balances makes balancing against bank statements easy.

Handles internationalized dates and currencies. The Gnucash menus and popups have been translated to 21 languages, including Chinese, Danish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and British English. Documentation is available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Transaction Finder:
A powerful transaction query dialogue can help you quickly locate a needle in a haystack.

General Ledger:
Multiple accounts can be displayed in one register window at the same time. This can ease the trouble of tracking down typing/entry errors. It also provides a convenient way of viewing a portfolio of many stocks, by showing all transactions in that portfolio.

Online Stock & Mutual Fund Quotes:
Get Stock & Mutual Fund quotes from various web sites, update portfolio automatically. Additional pricing sources are added regularly.

Check Printing:
Checks may be printed in standard formats on common check stocks. A customization GUI allows custom check layouts to be developed.

Scheduled Transactions:
You can now create recurring transactions, including automatic reminders when a transaction is due, the ability to postpone a scheduled transaction without canceling it, and the ability to specify only a limited number of transactions.

Mortgage & Loan Repayment Druid:
A guided dialogue for setting up loan payments as scheduled transactions.

Title: GnuCash v2.6.19
Developer: GnuCash Project
License: FreeWare
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows
Bug fixes:
Bug 787497 – Disabling OFX, AqBanking or python-bindings support cripples the dist build target. (Partial: The requisite files for AQB and OFX are provided. There remain ways to break the distribution.)
Bug 789928 – FTBFS with libdbi 0.9.0-5 on Debian
Bug 771246 – Failed to create file “/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/gschemas.compiled.XY789Y”.

Some other fixes not associated with reported bugs:
A better way to handle MySQL’s 0000-00-00 invalid date indicator.
Fix python build and test errors on Mac.
Add translator hint comments to C and glade files.
Improve type of bank accounts in SKR03
Stop testing GObject’s handling of invalid parameters
Translation Updates: Dutch, German, Serbian

Important update notification:
If you are updating from gnucash 2.6.0-2.6.4 on linux, you are advised to remove the guile user cache or several parts of gnucash may fail to work properly. This user cache can be found in .cache/guile/ccache/2.0-LE-8-2.0/ in your home directory. It’s safe to remove the whole contents of this directory.
Note .cache is a hidden folder in your home directory. You may have to change your file manager’s settings in order to view hidden files and folders.

GnuCash Download for PC

GnuCash 2.6.19 | File Size: 110 MB
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GnuCash 2.6.11 Portable | File Size: 117 MB
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