GIF Animator 4.0 PreActivated

GIF Animator is a reliable and powerful utility that allows you to create animated GIF images. 
Industry experts named it number one software in its class when

considering cost, performance, number of options and ease of use.

GIF Animator can be used both by amateur designers and professionals. No special training or knowledge is required.
This software can by used as a stand alone application or to supplement Windows Paint, PaintShop Pro or Adobe Photoshop. All major image formats like BMP, JPEG, TIFF, AVI, ICO, and Windows Metafiles are supported. 
While you can use GIF Animator for great number of applications, we specifically designed it to make creating high quality banners fast and straightforward.
It means, you are given a powerful set of tools to make banners that attract visitors attention. The software also features automatic tag creation (maps for tag in HTML), GIF-file size optimization, download time estimates, and other tools for simplifying banner making process. 
Full set of editing options. Duplication, mergers, cropping, re-sizing, rotation and frame flipping; capability to create animated GIF-files from sets of BMP, JPEG, ICO, and Windows Metafiles; color palette support; .avi and .ani file export and import.
Easy-to-use Intuitive Interface:
The interface is so simple and intuitive that one hardly needs the User Manual to use the program
Powerful Optimization:
Considerably decrease web page download times, reduce server load, bandwidth charges and save disk space
Built-in Image Editor:
Edit the animation frames directly from the Advanced GIF Animator
Import/Export AVI video files
Batch Mode:
Create animated gif images from command line in batch mode
International Interface:
Advanced GIF Animator is able to speak your native language
Advanced Open Picture Dialog (Thumbnailer)
Automated generation of HTML code:
HTML source is generated for easy insertion into Web page
HTML Image Map Editor
OS: Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8
——-[What’s New in This Release]——————–
– Windows 8 support.
– Improved video import.
– Additional image file formats support.
– Improved performance and stability.
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This post was recently updated on February 10, 2014