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Files Inspector Pro is a fantastic tool for Windows users who want to free up space on their computers. It helps you find and remove unnecessary files quickly and easily. With its simple interface, you can see which files take up the most space and decide what to keep or delete. This powerful software can even recover accidentally deleted files! Download Files Inspector Pro from our website today if you want to keep your computer running smoothly and save valuable disk space. It’s easy to use and incredibly effective!

Features of Files Inspector Pro

  1. Quick analysis of the file system
    Provides the results shortly after startup. Allows you to assess what data are on the disks.
  2. Quick analysis of the file system
    The analyzer checks the data on the disks and displays the results in a convenient diagram, which makes it clear which elements occupy the most disk space on your PC.
  3. Advanced features for experienced users
    Experienced users can flexibly and completely study the information about their media and delete unnecessary data.


Express analysis of user files
Express test analyzes folders, documents, images, videos, music, and other files and displays the space occupied on the disks.

Advanced analyzer
For advanced users, Files Inspector has an advanced parser that allows you to assess the data in all files and folders on the existing storage media.

Deletion of unneeded data
After you find unneeded files or folders in the list of Files Inspector’s analyzer, you can delete them without the need to use Explorer or another tool for working with the file system.

Deleting unneeded files and folders
While studying the content of the discs, you can delete unneeded files and folders in a couple of clicks to free space on the media in your computer.

Removing unneeded applications
Removing unneeded applications is one of the important steps to freeing up the disk space. Applications may be removed directly through Files Inspector.

Files Inspector allows deleting files and folders. To prevent erroneous actions, all deleted items are placed in the Recycle Bin, from which they may be immediately restored.

PRO Compressing photos without the loss of their quality
For freeing up additional space, you can compress photos without losing their quality. This also reduces the space occupied by photos by an average of 10%.

File Name: Files Inspector Pro 4.10
Developer: Homepage
License: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows

Download Chemtable Files Inspector for Windows

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Portable Files Inspector Pro 4.10 | 64-bit | File Size: 10 MB
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