FileRestorePlus – Accidentally deleting a file can be a catastrophe, so having an application that restores deleted or overwritten files can be a lifesaver.

FileRestorePlus is a flexible and useful application that allows you to scan your computer for deleted files and easily recover them.

Selective data scan
• You can scan your drive for specific file extensions, such as archives, documents, videos, music, audio, photos and images. The files that do not typically fall under one of these selections are sorted as uncategorized.
• The application also scans your computer for deleted or overwritten folders, along with all the files they contain. You can then restore all files or only the ones you need. Furthermore, FileRestorePlus can scan by drive, and restore system files and deleted registries.

Expanded file search
• FileRestorePlus features an adaptive filter search; you can scan for files by their names, creation and modification date.
• Besides, the application can search by file size, so even if you cannot remember a file by name, you can still find it by approximating it’s size.

Secure drive wiping
• FileRestorePlus offers you the possibility to wipe or permanently delete files from a drive. You just select the drive and then choose if you want to wipe all data or only the free space on that drive.
• System drives cannot be wiped, as this would remove the operating system and cause your computer to malfunction.

Overall good application
• FileRestorePlus was designed to help you seamlessly recover essential and important deleted data, and it does just that. It supports most FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems, and can run on almost any computer.
• Using this program, you can easily recover your accidentally deleted data or permanently clean drives, thus cleaning memory and securing you because, sometimes, certain private files are just meant to be completely wiped out.

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