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EximiousSoft PDF Editor

EximiousSoft PDF Editor gives an All-In-One ultimate solution for the editors who are editing PDF documents with most of time. It supports to create, visually edit PDF documents and convert freely among PDF and other popular document formats. You are free to add or delete pages, texts, images, graphics, comments and watermarks etc. from/into documents, enables to merge multiple PDF documents into a single one or split complex documents as you needed.

Finally, EximiousSoft PDF Editor can output the PDF documents which are 100% completely compliance with industry standards, and fully compatible with Adobe Reader and other PDF applications.

Edit like a Word Processer
EximiousSoft PDF Editor is a powerful PDF document editing application. You can use it easily and quickly modify or update all page content in PDF document. It works like a great word processer for visual editing text and supports layer editing deeply. You can easily insert or delete texts, shapes, images, stamps, signatures and comments. Through several mouse clicking or drag and drop, select, move, choose, flip, copy, paste these objects and change their render colors and transparency. PDF Editor also provides a good pages management and organization. It is allowed to be inserted or copied selected pages to document, delete unwanted page, allow to adjust the order of the pages in documents, while supporting some of the pages will be extracted for independent editing.

EximiousSoft PDF Editor Full

Features of EximiousSoft PDF Editor Full

Edit Text Content easily
Just double-clicking on a text to begin to edit or modify it.
Select some or entire characters of a text by moving mouse, then change the font face, font size, color, superscript, subscript, italic, bold, stroke and other features. This means that any two characters can have a completely different look and style.
Allow setting manually baseline shift, character spacing, and line spacing for some characters in a text.

Edit paragraphs and characters
Supports to cut, copy, paste, delete some characters of a text, Always allow to paste text from external applications such as MS Word.
Supports paragraph editing. Always the texts are rearranged automatically when their size are changed.
Integrate automatically several connected text objects into a single one full text.
Texts allow using different colors to fill or stroke while with different transparency.

Powerful Vector Drawing Tools
Through the “Custom Shape Tool” which enables you to draw manually graphics what you desired with clicking or dragging mouse button.
Each shape can be filled and stroked with a different color while different transparency.
Support insert common used shapes, such as rectangles, ellipses, lines, arrows, rounded rectangles.
Support the shapes are stroked with different dash styles and pen width.

Modify Shape’s Paths visually
Through the “Move the Anchor” tool which can be repositioned a node of a path in a shape.
Through the “Add Anchor” tool can increase nodes on an existing path in a shape.
By the “Delete Anchor” tool delete nodes from an existing path for a shape.
Though the “Convert Anchor” tool which can be transformed segments to lines or curves.

Convert PDF files to other Format
Supports to convert PDF documents into MS Word format, while maximum extent Keep the original document can be edited, as well as formats and styles for text and graphics.
Supports convert the PDF forms into MS Excel files.
Supports convert PDF files into EPub files and Txt files.
Convert the PDF document to any standard image format, including JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and BMP.

Document Organization & Management Page
Supports to insert new blank pages into document and delete the selected pages from document.
Supports to duplicate the selected pages, and then maybe take minor modifications as possible for the pages.
Support for adjusting the sequence of pages in the document.
Support for extracting a range pages from current document for editing.

Supports Layer Editing
The feature is to support layers editing strongly. Through it, you can easily control the position of a text or shape in the document. Also easy to make some objects are displayed on other objects.
Though clicking or drag mouse button to move, resize, rotate, flip texts and graphics visually.
Supports to group several different objects into a single one, and ungroup the objects which are already grouped.

Rich PDF Elements
Support insert all kinds of format images into PDF document, such as BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PCX, TAG, etc.
Enable you write a comment in a sticky note or text box. Highlight important text. Add a shape or use freehand drawing tools
PDF Editor comes with over 20 pre-defined stamps, such as “Reviewed” and “Sign Here”. Dynamic stamps automatically add date and time for easy record keeping. It also supports to create your own custom stamps.

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Title: EximiousSoft PDF Editor v3.05
Developer: Home Page
License: Shareware
Language: English
OS: Windows

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