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ePub Converter – Electronic publications are gaining ground when it comes to how literature and other works are being distributed and read. This is also helped by the seemingly increasing number of eReaders that are hitting the market.

Both the books and devices come with various restrictions though. The most obvious is DRM (Digital Rights Management) protection, which is implemented into devices and files to prevent content from being copied.

ePub Converter is a simple to use tool that can help you remove the copy protection so you can read the publication on your computer or a portable device with document reading capabilities.

The application doesn’t throw at you a lot of settings that you need to enable or disable in order to convert and decrypt the files. It simply provides you with the means to do so using a straightforward and comprehensive interface. To convert an ePub, all you have to do is load one or more files into the application (it supports batch conversion as well), choose the new format, set the destination folder and then simply click a button to start the process.

The time it takes for a document to convert depends on its size. A larger file takes a couple of seconds to finish and working in batch, you can imagine it takes a minute or two. With ePub Converter you can transfer the content to formats such as PDF, Kindle Mobi, Word RTF, TXT and HTML, which means that you can open the eBook with any text editor and view it on any device.

You don’t get a feature that enables you to switch DRM removal on or off, as the decryption is done automatically while the files are converted. It’s one less thing to worry about.

In closing, ePub Converter is a reliable and practical tool that does it job without wasting time and resources. With it, you can read eBooks on any device in a matter of minutes.

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