eBoostr v4.0.0.575 With Free (32bit)

eBoostr accelerates your computer like no other program can! Normally a computer stores data on its hard drive. When it needs to access this data it searches the hard drive in sequence until that data is found. This inefficient process can create unnecessary delays in loading programs. Even if this data is accessed frequently the computer must still search through unnecessary data until it is found. eBoostr eliminates excessive loading times by avoiding this difficult process altogether. Unlike registry cleaners, eBoostr uses your computer’s hardware to improve performance. Rather than search through data eBoostr will create an intelligent buffer on solid state memory your computer can access quickly and easily.
This buffer is created utilizing resources from the computer’s processor, RAM and USB 2.0 memory in tandem. eBoostr will keep track of what programs are used most frequently and store relevant data on this buffer. Rather than having to search large sections of your hard drive, your computer will simply access the intelligent buffer created by eBoostr and load the data from there. Unlike the hard drive, all of the information located in eBoostr’s memory buffer is readily accessible.
eBoostr even tracks what programs get used most frequently, placing a higher priority on the programs that get used most often. This means eBoostr will adapt to the changing demands you place on your computer. Regardless of what you use it for, eBoostr will ensure your computer is running better than ever before. Best of all, eBoostr supports up to 4 USB devices! If you demand more from your computer simply add another USB device. With this kind of adaptability, eBoostr is perfect for everyone. So try the free demo and see for yourself why hundreds of thousands of satisfied consumers have chosen eBoostr to enhance their computers.
Greatly Enhance your Computer’s Performance
Hard drives store data sequentially. When performing searches rather than locating important data quickly, hard drives will search through all of the data it has until it finds what you need. This mechanical process creates excessive load times while you wait for your computer to find important data. The more data that is stored the longer these wait times will get. This doesn’t affect just file retrieval but the performance of all programs on a system, including windows. With eBoostr this process can be avoided completely for the programs of your choice. The latest version of eBoostr is even better than before, download the demo today!
eBoostr is Perfect for Busy People
By optimizing system performance eBoostr reduces the load times associated with running many programs. This allows you to use your computer more efficiently, saving you time and power.
Make the Most of Your Current PC
Buying new hardware is often a solution for improving system performance. But this doesn’t solve the root problem. With a few clicks eBoostr can begin improving your system’s performance immediately.
Prioritize Your Needs for Customized Speed Gains
Load your favourite programs faster. eBoostr tracks which programs get used the most frequently. You can also choose which of your favourite programs should become faster and reduce their load times.
The Best Version Ever
eBoostr’s improved buffer technology offers even better performance than before. eBoostr’s intelligent buffer design ensures that only the applications you need are accelerated. As always, you have complete control over your speed gains and can customize and tweak to your hearts content. Some of the things eBootr does for you:
* New and Improved Cache Configuration
* Use Hidden RAM
* Tracking and Monitoring of performance
* ReadyBoost for XP
* Saves time
* Saves money on needless hardware upgrades

* Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)
* Windows Vista (32bit/64bit)
* Windows XP (32bit/64bit)
* Windows Server 2008 (32bit/64bit)
* Windows Server 2003 (32bit/64bit)
== Other ==
* USB 2.0 port or flash memory card reader (USB1.1 not supported)
* at least one of the following:
– Memory card with minimum 2.5MB/sec random read
– Flash drive with minimum 2.5MB/sec random read
– Over 256MB free disk space
* Depending on your PC may make a difference in the effect of speed.
1. Install Program and Finish with “Restart Later”.
2. Exit application even from system tray, Also kill process through task manager.
3. Copy all content from crack folder and Paste into default installation directory.
4. Restart your computer and follow wizards of eboostr.
5. Enjoy…
File Size : 4.2 MB

This post was recently updated on November 26, 2012