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Easy Speed PC v7.02 +

Easy Speed PC integrates many necessary tools into one easy to use program. Because these tools are all incorporated with one another, Easy Speed PC really brings an invaluable program to your computer. You don’t have to pay and download several programs and scan your computer several times. And don’t worry – just because this program features so many tools, doesn’t mean it’s difficult to use! Easy Speed PC has been designed to be user-friendly and simple to use!
Ease of Use
Easy-to-use controls and settings
Multiple tools in one program
No need to be an advanced user
Boost your computer’s performance with a few clicks
Clean Your PC
Remove old, unnecessary files to free up computer space.
Identify and delete broken and obsolete shortcuts.
Delete unused programs from your computer’s Start Up to improve speed and performance.
Delete old temporary files and cookies.
Optimize Your PC
Automatically scan and repair your registry to prevent system errors and boost stability.
Easily change several system and program settings to achieve peak performance.
Remove unstable, old and obsolete registry entries without the worry of removing vital information.
Turn off or delete extra programs from Windows Start Up to increase your computer’s performance and response time.
Make changes to your system, software and browser settings from one easy place
Monitor Your PC
Access different reports and data sets to keep track of your PC’s changes and performance levels.
Track the number of specific files, folders and what system information exists on your computer.
Determine which processes and applications load and run while Windows starts.
Protect Your PC
Scan files and incoming mail for unwanted spam, malware and viruses.
Identify flash cookies and cookies on your PC.
Remove cookies, privacy files and temporary files from your computer.
Maintain Your PC
Repair missing or broken shortcuts.
Periodically delete temporary files and cookies from your PC.
Obtain reports to monitor your computer’s performance.
File Size : 1 MB

This post was recently updated on June 27, 2016