Easy Screen Capture 2.0.4 With Free

Easy Screen Capture is a full featured screen capture application that can capture images from full screen, active window, controls, rectangles, rounds, and ellipses from your desktop. It can automatically scroll your browser to capture entire web pages and can capture images from DirectX games and movies.

Captured images can be edited or modified in appearance to suit user requirements and exported to the most popular file types such as JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP. You can add text annotation, arrows, shapes and other objects on images using drawing tools.

It also has other normal editing tools, including resize, blur, sharpen, and color balance. If you make a mistake, the unique undo feature can undo anything. Captured images can also be printed on pages, copied and e-mailed.

All screen capture operations can alternatively be performed via user defined hotkeys. Easy Screen Capture can save captured images automatically. It maintains a capture history to quickly open, rename, edit and organize previous images.

With this useful program, you can make professional screenshots for inclusion in Word documents, online tutorials, manuals, presentations handouts, promotion material, websites, emails and so on.

Easy Screen Capture has easy-to-use interface, it boasts a short learning curve and incorporates many advanced image capture and manipulation features, will be suitable for computer users of all levels, from beginner to professional.

· Capture full screen, active window, active window without frame.
· Capture windows, buttons, toolbar, controls and other windows objects.
· Capture selected region, three shape supported: rectangle, round and ellipse.
· Capture scrolling windows and entire web pages.
· Can capture some DirectX mode games and movies.
· Include mouse cursor in capture.
· Can pan last region and repeat last capture.
· Tabbed multi-document viewer and editor.
· Add text annotation, stamps and other objects using drawing tools.
· Directly edit images: crop, cut, paste, scale, mirror, rotate.
· Change the appearance of images: blur, sharpen, brighten etc.
· Save picture as most popular formats: bmp, jpg, gif, png.
· Track capture history, Auto-saved captured images.
· Auto-name captured images.
· Support hot keys, user can define hot keys.
· Handle ‘Print Screen’ key.
· Automatically copy screenshots to the clipboard.
· Can run in system tray and automatically run on Windows startup
===== INSTALL NOTE =====
1. Install Software
2. After Install Don’t Start Program
3. Copy & Replace Free Into (C:Program FilesEasy Screen Capture 2)
4. Done
File Size : 2.46 MB

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