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HomePlanSoft Easy Plan Pro – The comfort of your own home is mostly dictated by its appearance. It gets pretty difficult to move furniture all day until you find a suitable spot, and this is where applications like Easy Plan Pro come in very handy. It let’s you design your dream house from scratch and fill it with decorative items, the only thing leaving to worry about being construction.

Simple and intuitive design
• You might consider yourself overwhelmed when first launching the application, most of the tools being found under small, but intuitive buttons. What’s more, the overall design is not something to look at, keeping every aspect as simple as possible. Even if new to design applications, a few seconds of moving your mouse around and clicking gets you up and running.

Multiple drawing tools
• Drawing is the main function, with a decent amount of tools put at your disposal in this regard. The side panel is home to all of them, while a helpful tooltip constantly displays a message to help you out with the current phase in drawing with the selected tool.
• From simple lines and geometrical shapes, the application also lets you draw walls, windows, doors, as well as fill in specific shapes with either color, patterns or images. Moreover, you can populate your design with decorative items found in a dedicated library.

Various decorative objects
• These are sorted out in categories, ranging from furniture, to environment specific objects. They’re not abundant, but are enough to give you a glimpse of how it would look like in real life. You only get to work with a top-down view over the plan, with no possibility to rotate or pan. A 3D rendering engine is also a feature that is not implemented, considerably reducing system requirements and making the application available to a large variety of configurations.

In conclusion
• All in all, Easy Plan Pro promises and manages to deliver exactly what the name suggests, a friendly environment in which to easily design a house plan. Even though it’s not the prettiest of its kind, the overall design lets you precisely measure and create anything your imagination dictates. What’s more, you can export your projects to a DXF format in case you want to use more advanced tools.

• Integrated on-line help
• Multiple drawing layers
• Metric or USA Measurements
• Dozens of Fill Patterns
• Draw with Mouse and Keyboard
• Hundreds of Resizeable, Rotatable Figures
• Print on any paper your Windows printer driver supports
• Choose drawing colors, line styles, fill patterns, etc.
• Draw objects from a few inches to thousands of feet in size
• Resolutions down to 1/16 of an Inch when zoomed in
• Save Drawing in bitmap or vector format
• Optional, Adjustable Snap Grid
• keep an Activity Log to track your time on each plan
• Fill any Wall with framing, patterns or solid colors
• Calculate Square Feet or Meters
• Clip and Save Sections for Use in Other Drawings
• Delete Drawing Objects or User-defined Sections
• Dozens of Fill Patterns
• Draw with Mouse and Keyboard
• Hundreds of Resizeable, Rotatable Figures
• Measure Cursor Movement with On-screen “Odometers”
• Multiple Line Styles
• Multiple Text Sizes
• Repeat or Clone the Last Action
• Resize All or Part of Drawings
• Undo/Redo the Last Action
• View & Delete Individual Elements from Drawing
• Zoom In or Out
• Export to bitmap or DXF

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