Earn Money By Leaving Your PC On

Earn Money By Leaving Your PC On with PROOF that 100% is WORKING !

If you want to earn money by leaving your PC to stay turned on over night than this is the right way to do.

Go to the following website: 
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Register it. Then go to your account profile and all you need to do is to verify your phone number in order to start earn some money. After adding your phone number you should receive a text message on your phone just re-write that code in the text message and re-send to that number from that you received the code earlier. Wait for some time to be verified and after that go to your profile again and you should see the following “(Successful verification)” where you add your number. Download their program called thread manager, install it and just leave on your PC.

How does it work?
You likely already have programs like Windows Media Player, FireFox and Microsoft Office. Our Program isn’t different than any other program. Its as easy to install as any other program and its completely harmless. The program works automatically, and will not interfere with other programs at all. It also won’t bother you with annoying pop-ups. You won’t even notice a difference in your computer’s performance after you install our program. In fact the only thing you will notice because of our program is the increased size of your wallet.
SMS Verification
There are some coverage limitations with our SMS gate therefore you might be unable to confirm your phone immediately, our tech dept is taking care of the issue so please check back shortly if you are missing phone verification option in your members area.
How do I activate my trial thread?
There is no such thing as “thread activation” If you have not received your thread upon signup DO NOT ask to provide it – you receive your thread immediately after confirming your phone in your profile section. IMPORTANT Yet, 5% of the time you might not receive a thread. If that is the case, you should create a ticket to the trial department asking for a thread.
What is a Thread?
Before starting any process, its required to place it in a predefined Thread. For example, immediately after you turn on your computer you start a Thread that allows your computer to preform specific tasks, such as go on the internet, and view files and videos. Modern processors have a huge amount of possibilities, including the huge potential to create powerful Threads, most of which go unused because PC owners have no need for them. We propose that you allow us to use your processor’s unused potential, which we will be happy to pay you for. 
Payout Options
Currently Payza has be removed as payout method, now there are only 3 payout methods left. You can cash out your money only via Paxum, EgoPay and Perfect Money.
Are there any restrictions I should know about?
The only restriction that can have an effect on your income is the processing power of your computer. The processing capabilities of your computer create a hard limit on the number of Threads you can run. No other restrictions exist. You can check the processing power and the number of Threads your computer can run using this utility on our site.
How do I get my Money?
You can get your money anytime you want. All you need to do is fill out a fund withdrawal request on your account management page. After your request is reviewed, the entire requested amount will be transferred to the bank account you indicated when you first registered.
What kinds of income exist?
Participating in the project can reward you with two kinds of income – firstly we’ll pay you for letting us use your computers processing power, and secondly you can earn money from our partner program. Both possibilities are a great way of earning extra income, with out taking up your time and energy.
Where can I see how much work my PC has preformed?
You can see all the statistics about how much work your computer has done on your account page.
Proof that it works !
You can make from $1 to $10 a day with this method.
Good luck with earning !

This post was recently updated on August 27, 2013