DriveClone Workstation 11.10 Build 20150827

FarStone DriveClone Workstation

FarStone DriveClone Workstation 11 is an easy to use professional SSD and HDD cloning software which copies/clones Windows and all files, including applications, settings and disk partition information from one original hard drive to a SSD or another hard drive in a few clicks. It is a perfect solution for transfer, movement, backup and recovery files and data from hard drives and solid state drives. DriveClone makes an exact copy of your hard drive to SSD with Smart Disk Cloning, Perfect Disk Defrag, Universal Cloning, Volume Cloning, and Automatic Partition Resizing features. User can immediately use the cloned SSD or HDD to boot PC system and use applications as a complete replacement, making the transition and migration from old HDD/SSD to new SSD/HDD simple and fast.

With volume cloning technology, DriveClone 10 is able to clone Windows, RAID systems, more than 2TB HDD, GPT and UEFI systems. Unlike sector by sector cloning method, volume cloning method is much more secure, stable, and safe.

FarStone DriveClone 11 also maintains cloned disk in Universal Cloning Format. Universal Cloning format enables booting on different computer systems.

• Upgrade/Migrate to a new PC/Server
• Clone Hard Drive to Hard Drive
• Clone Hard Drive to Solid State Drive
• Clone to Different Size Hard Drive or Solid State Drive
• Clone Windows and everything
• Upgrade/Migrate to a Bigger HDD
• Duplicate/Copy Hard Drive or Solid State Drive
• Clone Hard Drive in Universal Boot Format Allowing Boot on any Computers
• Boost Hard Drive Performance 20% with Perfect Cloning
• Remove Junks and Redundant Data 10GB – 50GB from Hard Drive

Other Main Features:
• Clone/Copy entire hard disk or partition(s)
• Cloned Windows drive is immediately bootable
• Automatically or manually partition(s) resizing
• Copy/Clone larger than 4TB hard drive
• Copy/Clone Raid system
• Copy/Clone Ultrabook Hybrid disk system
• Copy/Clone GPT disk and Dynamic disk
• Clone/Copy UEFI and EFI system
• Copy/Clone Open file, hard links
• Copy/Clone Windows and Servers

* not available

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8 64 bit

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