Diskeeper 2011 Pro Premier 15.0.968.0 + Free

Diskeeper – fast defragmenter for Windows, which runs six times faster than built-in defragmenter. The program requires a minimum of system resources to maintain peak performance. Defrag runs in the background without having a noticeable effect on the user. Intelligent planning dynamically adjusts the schedule defragmentation process on the basis of the disk. From a user or network administrator does not need to take into account the network load – Diskeeper automatically adjusted to it and provide it with maximum efficiency. In contrast to the defragmenter with manual control, this program is running according to schedule automatic defragmentation. Includes tools to deploy and manage the network, as well as the simultaneous defragmentation several sections with different file systems. To make sure your computer is working well, as fast as when it was new – just install Diskeeper.

Diskeeper Features:

– Advanced technology InvisiTasking
– Enhanced technology I-FAAST ™
– Intelligent defragmentation
– Low consumption of system resources
– High-speed defrag dvizhek
– Enhanced thorough free space consolidation
– Defragment volumes of less than 1% free space
– Defragment heavily fragmented files
– Support for 64-bit Windows
– Improved system boot file defragmentation
– Automatic online directory consolidation
– Simultaneous defragmentation of all volumes
– Support for unlimited size volumes
– Maintenance history reports
– Power Management for Notebooks
– Graphical control of run-time
– Improved support for Group Policy
– Support for the Office of MOM / SCOM
– Improved management control sentralizirovanny
– Support for server versions of Windows Enterprise Server
– Support for IPv6 networks
New features:
– IntelliWrite – a revolutionary technology that eliminates most of the fragments and significantly improves the performance of Windows.
– A small percentage of fragmentation is inevitable, and it is eliminated by using the automatic defragmentation. The combination of IntelliWrite and automatic defragmentation will allow the system to operate with optimum efficiency and effectiveness.
– Prevention of Fragmentation by using the IntelliWrite was considered more effective than other methods of defragmentation. IntelliWrite reduces the need to move the drive heads, resulting in reduced use of system resources and power consumption.
1. Extract files with WinRAR
2. Run Application
3. Read “Installation instructions.txt”

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