DisableWinTracking – Windows 10 Tracking Disable Tool

Windows 10 Tracking Disable Tool

Windows 10 Tracking Disable Tool – The recent launch of Windows 10 turned the spotlight on the telemetry features that the new operating system edition comes with, many accusing the giant Microsoft of not respecting users’ privacy. While Microsoft argues that such options are only meant to improve the user’s experience and collect feedback, location tracking and data collection don’t fancy to many.

With a bit of patience, these options and services can be disabled during setup, but there are other ‘hidden’ settings that cannot be tampered with from the start. With a suggestive name, DisableWinTracking – Windows 10 Tracking Disable Tool comes to the rescue.

Protect your privacy in a simple manner
• This open-source application aims to provide a user-friendly manner to deactivate tracking services and change the registry settings, so as to prevent other applications from collecting and sharing user data with Microsoft’s servers. Needless to say that you must run the application with administrator privileges for the changes to take effect.
• With respect to its looks and usage, working with DisableWinTracking couldn’t be more simple. There is a checklist of tracking features that you can select and, once you do so, you only have to press the ‘Go Private!’ button to apply the changes.

Changes the registry to block telemetry
• DisableWinTracking – Windows 10 Tracking Disable Tool is capable of tampering with some registry entries in order to change the default telemetry settings (for instance, it sets the “AllowTelemetry” string in the Registry Editor to 0) and disable, or even delete, some tracking services that are designed to send data to Microsoft. On top of that, it automatically appends tracking domains to the Windows HOSTS file, restricting access to them.
• Additionally, it can clear the DiagTrack log file found in ‘C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Diagnosis\ETLLogs\AutoLogger’, also blocking future attempts to write to this file, so as to protect your privacy.

A response to Windows 10’s prying eyes
• DisableWinTracking – Windows 10 Tracking Disable Tool enables both advanced and beginner users to change the security settings in Windows without having to browse through the registry or the Group Policy Editor to find and disable telemetry features.
• It is a way to tweak the system and block any running Windows 10 process from tracking user activities, not allowing the operating system to share information about your private files and the way you use Windows.

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OS: Windows 10 / 10 64 bit

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