Music Collector Cobalt.8.5 + Crack Music Collector Cobalt.8.5 + Crack Music Collector Cobalt.8.5 + Crack

Just insert a CD in your CD-ROM drive, scan its barcode or type artist and title to download all data from the internet, including artist, title, year, label, track titles and the cover image.
Music Collector can also read CDTEXT information, if available on the CDROM.

Browse your collection by artist, title, year, etc… or use the Image View to browse your cover images. Sort and group on any field, print lists and export to HTML, CSV or XML.

Export your list to your iPod and take it with you to the store. Use the integrated Loan Manager to track which CDs you loaned and to whom.

  • Add albums by:
  • Inserting CDs in your CD-ROM drive (recommended method)
  • Scanning the CD barcode with a barcode scanner (works great for US CDs)
  • Typing the Artist and Title (recommended for LPs)
  • Add Album Manually:
  • Add using the step-by-step Add Wizard or the flexible
  • Advanced Mode:
  • Unlimited number of albums and tracks
  • After adding items, you can use the Edit screens to edit the data to your own liking and add personal data (e.g. purchase info, or personal notes)
  • Use the Edit Multiple data to modify multiple records in one go
  • Import MP3 file data from companion program MP3 Collector
  • Available data fields:
  • Main: title, artist(s), genre, format, release date, length, label, catalogue number, packaging, conductor. orchestra, disc(s), track list per disc
  • Cover images: front and back
  • Extra details: country, studio, recording date, UPC, mono/stereo, tourname, live, rare, extras
  • Musicians lists, including the instruments they play
  • Other credits: songwriters, producers, engineers
  • Personal details: purchase date/price/store, owner, location, rating, notes
  • User defined fields: 2 text fields, 2 picklist fields, 2 user definable credit “roles”
  • Track fields: same as album (where applicable) plus: BPM, lyrics file link, audio file link. Tracks fields automatically “inherit” album values where track values are empty.
  • All fields can be renamed, e.g. to your own language
  • Viewing, searching and sorting:
  • View your collection as a list with multiple columns or by cover image in the Images View
  • Sort on any field, or on multiple fields
  • Configurable lists, choose which fields to show as columns
  • Automatically group albums or tracks in folders, e.g. by Artist or Genre
  • Track View for viewing/sorting/grouping track lists independent of albums
  • Skinnable Details View, use one of the included skins or download more user-created skins from our Templates page
  • Quick Search, for finding albums that contain the text you type, in any field
  • Filter feature:
  • Search in specific fields
  • Search in multiple fields in one search
  • Use AND or OR to combine filter conditions
  • Use NOT to show all items EXCEPT the filter results
  • Statistics screen, showing a graphical chart with bars per artist, genre, format, etc…
  • Printing:
  • Print lists of all albums or all tracks in the database, you can choose which fields to show as columns and which field to sort the list on.
  • Print one album per page with all details, including the track list and the cover images (PRO only)
  • Print 14 albums per page, including front cover image and main fields (PRO only)
  • More user-created print layout templates can be downloaded from the Templates page (PRO only)
  • Print a selection of albums/tracks, e.g. the result of a search


* Tools / Edit Lists: after editing an item, the Quick Search did not immediately use the updated data.
* Find Image: When trying to use an image that could not be loaded, it would save an empty image.
* Templates: User Defined date values did not display in the chosen Windows Date Format.


OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8



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