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Clean Space

Clean Space 2016

is a useful application that allows you to protect your private information by cleaning the browsing history, the cookies and the tracks from your computer.

As soon as you turn on your computer… Windows and many programs start collecting all the websites, files, pictures, movie clips, emails and online chats that you view without your approval and permission. Everything you did on your computer would leave trace on your computer, and this is available to anyone who searches for it!

Protect your privacy!
Clean Space will prevent unauthorized access to your computer history from anyone – friends, family, and collaborators. In other words, nobody will be able to view web sites you’ve visited, images or videos you’ve viewed, programs you’ve launched, letters you’ve written, and much more which you would like to keep a lid on.

How does Clean Space?
At your command or at a scheduled time, Clean Space starts deleting activity history in over two hundred sensitive areas such as Browser history, Windows Explorer history, temporary internet files, cookie files, index.dat files, swap file, and many others. Once it accomplishes its work, Clean Space 10 leaves no chance to learn your computer session details.

Clean Space

Features of Clean Space 2016

• Clean Space can clear Windows Paging File on Windows shutdown which guarantees removal of all private sensitive information which was in Windows RAM.
• In case of failure (when some file is used by hidden program during cleaning) Clean Space warns you and suggests solution.
• Clean Space closes windows and programs that should be closed to perform secure cleaning of your PC.
• Clean Space can be installed in a hidden mode and no other user on your PC can find it.
• Clean Space supports third party program profiles and you can select which one should be included in cleaning.
• You can review data collected under each area that Clean Space will remove. You can use White List function to keep some data if needed.
• Clean Space has separate checkbox for each area in any program supported.
• Clean Space clears visible tracks and garbage (for example, history) but plus – invisible, for example: date of recent program use which is stored in the registry for technical use, but can betray you.
• Reminder and cleaning in background mode. Clean Space contains many functions to remind you to clean your PC.
• Clean Space renames files to random digit names before removal to prevent any recovery of file names.
• Clean Space reminds you to clean PC when you close your browser.

What’s New
* Added support for browser FireFox version 45 and 46 (future version).
* Added new security certificate sha256 according new standard of Microsoft.

How To Install
1. Read iNsTrucTioN.txt

Title Release: Clean Space v2016.01
Developer: Home Page
License: ShareWare
Language: Multi
OS: Windows

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