Clean Disk Security 8.06 is Here!

Clean Disk Security

Clean Disk Security is a software that can help you clean up your system to optimize its performance.

The user interface of the program is plain and simple. You can select a drive to secure, configure options and initiate the cleaning process.

Thus, you can clean the standard free space, file slack space, Recent file list, Windows temporary folder, Internet browser cache, history records, Internet cookies and Windows clipboard.

You can also empty the Recycle Bin and process plugins, as well as select your cleaning method (simple, NIS, Gutmann or run in test mode).

In addition, you can view disk information for each drive, including data about logical sectors, sectors per cluster, file system, free space, volume label, along with the HEX, ASCII and decimal code.

In the “Config” menu, you can change general settings (e.g. recent files folder, Internet browser cache folder), include or exclude cookies from the task, and enable plugins for when you are processing them (while having the possibility of editing them).

The program takes a long time to complete a task (which is normal) while using a low amount of system resources. But Clean Disk Security is very thorough and also includes a comprehensive help file for beginners.

The bottom line is that Clean Disk Security is an excellent tool for securely deleting files and cleaning up your system and we strongly recommend it to all users.

• Secure file deletion
• Make already-deleted files unrecoverable. Clean free disk space
• Wipe Internet browser cache, browsing history, and cookies (from Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc)
• Wipe lists of names of recently used files, URLs, and email addresses
• Wipe the Windows swap file
• Hundreds of plugins included to wipe the tracks of hundreds of different applications, such as Windows Media Player, Emule, Paintshop, etc
• Removes unneeded temporary files, releasing more disk space
• Special support for Firefox
• Create your own plugins to clean anything you like using the accompanying Plugin Editor
• Direct Disk Viewer so you can see exactly what is on your disk

* not available

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