Chris PC-Lock 3.20 Free Download

Chris PC-Lock is a useful, easy-to-use and simple software that allows you to lock your PC.
You can now enjoy your spare time without any worry

that somebody unauthorized will access your computer.  Chris PC-Lock can help you make sure that your work remains unaltered.

. Locks the keyboard of your laptop or desktop PC and prompts a dialog box for password. Entering the correct password will unlock the computer.
. A powerful and useful feature for any user is the automatic computer locking after an idle period, that can be set in minutes.
. Easy setting/change of your unlock password from the configuration screen.
. In the lock mode, it fully disables access to the task manager of Windows 9X/ME/200X/XP operating system, therefore any unauthorized keyboard access to your system will fail.
. Any attempt to press shortcuts like ALT+F4, CTRL+ALT+DEL or ALT+TAB will fail, prompting the input password dialog box to unlock.
. WinKey is also disabled when the lock mode is on.
. The lock screen can be set to any custom wallpaper or slideshow, by a simply setting the picture path or the pictures’ folder.
. The new version comes in with a new set of original and beautiful photos that can be used as wallpapers for you desktop.
. A more advanced feature lets you set the transparency of the lock screen wallpaper, giving you a close feeling of the current Windows desktop status.
. Entering in lock mode can be fast by pressing your custom defined shortcut.
. Chris PC-Lock has an icon in the tray bar, which gives a fast mouse access to the lock mode and lock settings.
. In the lock mode the mouse and cursor are hidden after a certain idle time.
. Stealth-mode to protect you more: Tray icon is invisible and configuration settings and lock mode can be accessed only by using your secret custom defined shortcuts.
. Choice to select among your multiple installed Windows keyboards in the input password dialog box.
OS: Windows All
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This post was recently updated on March 29, 2014