Cache, Cookie, & Disk Cleanup Software!

 CleanUp.Exe ~ Complete Cleanup – Cache, Cookie, & Disk Cleanup Software! (I Love this Program).

Description: Cookies are bits of software code left on your machine. These are used so websites know what types of things you like to browse, usually enabling them to show you specific advertisements related to what you have browsed in the past. Cookies are also used to store passwords and user ids on your machine. Every web page and picture you view is also stored in your cache, along with your web history and browser URLs. These can show anyone who shares your pc with you exactly what you have been viewing, including all web pictures, text, videos, and sound files that you have visited on any website. These files may have been accumulating ever since you first began browsing the web. Complete Cleanup will safely remove all the internet files left behind, including cache, cookies, history, URLs, registry entries, and much more. This works with all versions of Netscape, Internet Explorer, and AOL. This can run automated in the background or interactively if you choose. Along with removing all the internet privacy files, it also cleans up your start-documents list, previously ran program list, previous “find” program list, temp files, and many more things left behind on your pc. This award winning software will clear your browsing tracks, and also reclaim large amounts of lost disk space!
-Serves dual purpose -> Protects your web privacy and reclaims lost disk space.
-Safely cleans out cookie files.
-Safely performs browser cache cleanup.
-Safely performs web history cleanup. 
-Safely cleans up browser URL’s.
-Safely removes many additional garbage files. 
-Removes temp files left behind by windows. 
-Safely does registry cleanup. 
-Cleans up your start document links.
-Cleans up your previous file “run history” list.
-Cleans up your previous file “find history” list.
-Also removes leftover entries from previous browser versions.
-Ability to run completely automated in the background. 
-Ability to keep individual cookies.
-Ability to remove locked files.
-Works with Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, and MSN Explorer browsers.
-Compatible with all browser versions, past and present.
-Works even if multiple browsers are installed simultaneously.
-Enhances system performance by keeping your system free of debris.


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