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Blade Professional

Blade® Professional 1.11 is a Windows-based, advanced professional forensic data recovery solution designed by Digital Detective Group.  It supports professional module plug-ins which give it advanced data recovery and analysis capabilities.

The power and flexibility of the tool can be expanded as new modules become available.  Blade® supports all of the major forensic image formats and is more than just a data recovery tool.  The professional modules have in-built Intelli-Carve® validation and interpretation routines to assist with accurate data recovery.  Some of the standard profiles also have Intelli-Carve® validated routines (such as the JPEG recovery module).

The software has been designed for extremely fast/accurate forensic data recovery.  Not only is it highly effective in the pre-analysis stage of a forensic examination, it can be quickly configured to recover bespoke data formats.  It has specifically been written for the field of Digital Forensics.

– Regular Expression High Speed Advanced Carving
– Supports Headers, Data Landmarks & Footers
– User Created/Customiseable Data Recovery Profiles
– Pro Modules for Advanced/Specialised Data Recovery
– Variable Input Block Size, Sector Boundary Options
– Multithreaded for fast searching and recovery
– Forensic Audit Logging
– Recovery Profile Version Management System
– JPEG image recovery using Intelli-Carve®

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