BB FlashBack Pro 5.6.0 Build 3551 Final

BB FlashBack Pro 5.6.0 Build 3551
BB FlashBack Pro is a screen recording software which will help you create tutorials, demonstrations or training material.

Major developments in BB FlashBack Pro include: One-click upload to YouTube, and
Revver, Undo and Redo, QuickTime (H264) Exports, Support for Flash Video (FLV) Format, Flash Export Improvements, (full-screen modem, enhanced playback and volume controls, greater control over movie download and playback), Import of AVI or WMV as ‘webcam video’.

Other features include Pan & Zoom, Precision Sound Editing, Webcam Capture, Action Buttons, Vista Capture Driver, Recording Wizard, Highlight Tool, Mouse Movement Correction. Add text, images, sound, webcam and spoken commentary, and use the extensive editing functions to create a high quality presentation.

Movies can be exported to Flash, AVI, WMV, PPT or EXE for use on a CD-ROM, over a network or on the web. BBFlashBack can now record multiple monitors simultaneously, into one movie.

Typically, users can be creating professional movies with BB FlashBack in minutes. Editing features allow you to add text effects and callouts, edit and hide mouse movements, display your own images in the movie, cut and paste footage, change the movie speed, alter the viewable area and more.

For movies to be published on the internet, BB FlashBack allows use of HTML template files, and embeds customisable playback controls in Flash exports. A PowerPoint plug-in enables easy addition of movies to a slide show presentation.

Our custom compression engine produces compact movie files without sacrificing quality, making them easier to deliver by E-mail or internet download. BB FlashBack movies have a wide range of applications including: training staff to use software, producing tutorials on PC tasks and demonstrating software products to potential customers

  • Recording of a window or the whole screen
  • Advanced Technology:
  • BB FlashBack can record high frame rate, high quality movies without affecting PC performance, even on lower powered PCs.
  • Our users have succeeded in recording large animations that other screen recorders struggled with.
  • WebCam Recording:
  • Give your movies the personal touch. Make an appearance with a picture-in-picture webcam recording. One click, and BB FlashBack records from the webcam while it records the screen.
  • Sound:
  • Record a commentary at the same time as the screen. It’s easy to record the microphone, PC speakers or other sources.
  • Continuous Recording:
  • Ideal for usability testing, monitoring and similar applications, BB FlashBack lets you record forever but limit the movie file size.
  • Easy To Use and Always Ready
  • BB FlashBack lives in your icon tray or floating above the desktop, so its always available.
  • The easy to use window shows you just the options you need.
  • Record Windows 7 and Vista:
  • The BB FlashBack screen recorder is fully Vista and 7 compatible – capture ‘Aero’ mode effects at a high frame rate without a high-spec PC.
  • Scheduled Recording:
  • BB FlashBack can start and stop recording at set times, or when certain applications are run and closed – particularly suitable for recording online events and webinars.
  • Sharing Movies:
  • Publish on the Web:
  • Its never been easier for everyone to see your screen recordings. Upload to YouTube,, Viddler or Revver. Get the URL and share it around.
  • Apple Compatible Exports:
  • Create video files compatible with iPod, iPad and iPhone. BB FlashBack will help you optimise the size, and no extra conversion via iTunes will be required to view your movies.
  • Export to a Range of Formats:
  • Reach the widest possible audience. The BB FlashBack screen recorder exports to the most widely used video formats: Flash, QuickTime, AVI and Windows Media Video. The Pro edition also creates a standalone EXE that viewers run to see your creation.
  • Playback Controls:
  • Flash and EXE format exports get full playback controls, in a number of styles.
  • Editing & Enhancing:
  • Annotation:
  • Make sure your viewers get the message. Add textboxes, highlights, images and interactive buttons. Customise their appearance, and add fade-in/out effects.
  • BB FlashBack screen recorder helps you make your point. (Standard and Pro editions only)
  • Show The Details:
  • The audience won’t miss a thing. The easy to use zoom & pan feature lets you focus on any part of the movie. You can also crop the movie to only show a window or region. (Pro edition only)
  • Keep up with the action:
  • Need to fit that movie into a smaller space? Crop it down and use the Autoscroll feature to keep the action visible automatically.
  • Add Something Extra:
  • Its easy to insert video files into your movie. You can even show them picture-in-picture style.
  • Powerful Video Editing:
  • Frame-by-frame edit functions give you full control over what gets into the final cut. Edit out mistakes. Remove or add pauses. BB FlashBack screen recorder lets you edit with confidence thanks to undo and redo fuctions. (Pro edition only)
  • Pro-Level Sound Editing:
  • Edit multiple audio tracks side by side with video. Designed to enable you to synchronize sound with images easily. (Pro edition only)
  • Clean Up Sound:
  • Background or microphone noise? Volume levels all over the place? Don’t worry – BB FlashBack can fix it in the mix. (Pro edition only)
  • Titles:
  • Add a quality touch to your movie by adding start and end titles – it just takes a few seconds. (Pro edition only)

– Reduces CPU usage during playback when using default ‘IPP’ rendering
– Improves speed of saving a recording when using size limiting functions in the Recorder
– Fix: reseller IDs were not being passed correctly to domain
– Fix: WMV export could crash with ‘floating point exception’
– Fix: volume control on central toolbar could be partly hidden because the toolbar was not adjusting to window width correctly
– Fix: the upgrade link on the Express splash dialog could be empty
– Adds ability to overwrite movies in FlashBack Connect rather than create a new one on every upload
– Fix: if a movie had its audio track divided into clips, sometimes a clip could be repeated on export
– Added options of different formatting when including the date in the recording file name
– Added ability to reset FlashBack Connect account password when selecting the ‘Use existing account’ option
– Added ability to add markers to movies in Express edition
– Fix: some MP4 files when imported, played at > x1 speed
– Fix: selecting to share to Youtube shared to FlashBack Connect instead
– Fix: in the ‘Upgrade to Pro or Standard’ dialog in Express, the ‘Upgrade’ link could be blank

OS: Windows 2K / XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit


19.9 MB


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