Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3.3.0 [Latest]

Ashampoo Home Designer 3

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro

is a professional 3D planning software with which you can plan and furnish a room, flat or even a whole house. For your project there is a wide range of elements as well as large catalogues with objects, materials and textures available. Using this software you will not only build your dream home, but also easily design the whole property. Shape the terrain almost realistically with hills, slopes, swales etc. With the editor you can add a terrace, paths or (flower) beds. Catalogues with garden furniture and plants are also available for individual garden design. Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2 offers 3D and 2D views to look at your results. This way you don’t only get a realistic 3D view, but also the exact ground plan of your project. Then you can print or save your results in different image file formats.

Features of Home Designer 3

• Design views: 2D, 3D, Cross-section
• 3D constructions: 7 primitives (cube, cone, cylinder, sphere, torus, wedge, pyramid), extrusion/rotation/sweep/subtraction solids
• Building components: Walls, ceilings, windows, doors, openings, slots, skylights, solar elements, chimneys, beams
• Measurements: Metric and imperial with precise dimensions
• Input aids: Customizable reference points, construction aids (center point, intersection point, point with distance from, perpendicular, parallel point, point in line, enter coordinates), angle grid
• Exterior lighting simulation
• Freely positionable camera and viewing angles

Design & Construction Tools:
• Roofing Wizard: Various material, cladding, rafters, eaves and gables settings, 7 dormer types (shed, flat, hipped, triangular, trapezoid, barrel, bat)
• Stair Generator: 3 solid and wooden types (straight, geometrical, landing), handrails, wellholes
• Topography Designer: 6 forms (hill, swale, plateau, wall, trench, slope), 4 terrain elements (bed, way, terrace, water course), customizable contours

Catalog (Object Library):
• Construction elements: Doors, profiles, windows, solar elements, constructions (e.g. balconies, carports)
• Objects: 2D (cars, people, plants, animals), 3D: Exterior (e.g. garages, garden appliances), components (windows, doors, columns, tiles, girder), interior (e.g. kitchen and bathroom appliances), people, basic forms, signboards
• Textures: Exterior (grounds, grass etc.), building (wood, metal, plaster etc.), interior (wallpaper, leather, carpets etc.), colors
• Materials: Different materials such as grass, rattan, water and more
• 2D Symbols: Various symbols from different areas including appliances, building elements and other

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 3 New Features:
* Native 64-bit support – more speed, more stability
* Comprehensive project wizard for quick project setups
* 3 design views: 2D, 3D, cross-section
* Precise metric and imperial measuring units
* Data input aids for maximum precision
* Area, length and volume calculations
* Extensive object library
* More intuitive with multifunctional ribbons
* Smart, well-structured open and save dialogs with details view
* Keyboard shortcuts for frequently used features

Title: Ashampoo Home Designer Pro v3.3.0
Developer: Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
License: ShareWare
Language: English
OS: Windows
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