Archicad 21 Build 3005 [Latest] Win64

Archicad 21

Archicad 21 provides you with a native building information modeling platform designed to help professional architects create realistic digital representations of their vision. Combining ease of use with advanced modeling capabilities, this application can fasten the designing process, from the initial concept to the final architectural sketch and documentation level.

The application comes with direct modeling capabilities, enabling you to create custom elements with any geometry type (so-called ‘MORPH’ objects) by editing, shaping and moving surfaces, corners, edges and parameters without any restrictions.

The cloud-based BIM database provides access to a collection of thousands of GDL objects that can be included in your projects and managed using the built-in library. The powerful, yet comprehensive set of tools helps you focus on the design, while the necessary documentation (dimensioning, door / window schedules, layout book, floor, foundation or beam plans) is automatically created, without compromising any detail, even for complex projects.

Features of Archicad 21

Shadows in Open GL 3D View:
• ArchiCAD greatly improves in-model visualization with shadow casting in 3D OpenGL views. Live 3D views of the BIM model in addition to being work-views also become a standard basis for communicating the design intent with clients.

Extended Options for Doors & Windows:
• Archi-CAD offers users increased control over model-based sections and details of doors and windows. An extended set of Reveal and Wall Closure setting options make creation of refined details a fully automatic process.

Dimension Text Prefix & Suffix:
• Model-based annotation is key to an effective BIM workflow. Custom prefixes & suffixes added to associative dimensions – while keeping their real measured values – can boost documentation productivity by an order of magnitude.

Improved Handling of Schedules:
• Archi-CAD introduces standard spreadsheet editing techniques to improve productivity in Schedule and Index windows. Quantity take-offs can now be exported to Excel with graphical information included for WYSIWYG results.

Direct Import of Site-Survey Data:
• Site survey data coming directly from theodolites can now be imported into ArchiCAD with a single click. XYZ coordinates automatically convert into an ArchiCAD Mesh element providing an accurate 3D model of the environment.

Title: Graphisoft Archicad v21 Build 3005
License: ShareWare
Language: English
OS: Windows 7/8/10 x64

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