AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Server Edition 1.2.0

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Server Edition 1.2.0 + Key

AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Server Edition 1.2.0 + Key

Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Server Edition is mainly designed for use on Windows Server operating systems, allowing the easy management of partitions from a user-friendly interface.

Change the hard disk configuration
_ Aiming to help you keep the server running at top performance, this application can be used for a variate range of operations regarding hard drive configuration, including dynamic disk resizing, the management of unallocated storage space or disk conversion.
_ By reorganizing the structure of the hard drive, you can optimize space usage and enhance the efficiency of the server. You can create new volumes, add or remove drives from RAID, move volumes and so on.

Create volumes, manage RAID disks and partitions
_ Thanks to its intuitive looks and the integrated wizards, getting accustomed with the application is very easy. It displays a list of the detected volumes, including the reserved system volume, enabling you to perform various operations, such as extending, copying or recovering a partition using AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition.
_ Moreover, you can use this application to create simple, spanned, striped and mirrored volumes using the unallocated disk space, for additional reliability and an improved I/O rate. It enables you to extend or shrink the capacity of a RAID volume by adding or removing a drive from it, change the location of a volume on the storage disk, change drive letters, convert dynamic discs to basic, run disk surface tests, wipe all data on a hard disk and so on.

A reliable and powerful disk management toolset
_ The wide range of disk management options that Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Server Edition provides makes it a valuable tool for all server administrators. The step-by-step wizards can simplify all the configuration procedures, increasing productivity and saving you a significant amount of time.


OS: Windows XP / XP 64 bit / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit / 2003 / 2008 / 2008 64 bit


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