AndY Android Emulator 46.16.71 [Latest]

AndY Android Emulator

AndY Android Emulator is a mobile operating system that powers a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets. If you want a chance to discover its functions and experiment with it without purchasing such a handset, you can try an emulator, such as Andy.

Lengthy installation process
• Before you get to enjoy Android utilities on your desktop, you need to take some time to install the software on your PC. Considering its complexity, it is only fair to expect its installation process to take more than a few minutes – similarly, its resource consumption is considerable when actually running the emulator.
• Additionally, if you are running a virtual machine when you start installing Andy, it will be automatically shut down, so you might want to save your work first.

Run Android apps in an emulator
• Once the setup is complete, the program displays a wizard just like the one typically shown when configuring a tablet or a smartphone. You need to enter your Google username and password, or create a new account if you prefer.
• The main window emulates the home screen of any Android handset, while also providing you with some pre-installed apps to get you started.

Install apps and customize the Android environment
• After you got familiarized with the Android environment, you can start browsing the Google Play store for software that might interest you.
• You can also personalize the existing features by setting up shortcuts and widgets on the home screen, so you can access important apps more easily. You get to set up reminders, create appointments and modify contact data just like you would in a regular Android device.
• All in all, Andy can help you learn the basics of using an Android smartphone or tablet, provided you are running a powerful PC and are willing to invest time in setting the environment up first.

Features of AndY Android Emulator Final

• Full Android UI
• Google Play Store
• App Sync to Mobile
• Phone as Controller
• Android access to local File System
• Multi-Touch support
• Cloud Save in Android
• X86 native apps
• ARM support
• Sensors Integration
• OpenGL Hardware support
• Camera Integration
• Microphone Integration
• Xbox/PS controllers support
• Run Apps from Desktop
• Desktop Push Notifications
• Keyboard Mapper

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian …

Title: AndY Android Emulator v46.16.71
Developer: Andy OS, Inc
License: FreeWare
Language: Multi
OS: Windows
* various bug fixes.

Download AndY Android Emulator 46.16.71 x32 (462 MB) :
Userscloud | Direct Link

Download AndY Android Emulator 46.16.71 x64 (468 MB) :
Userscloud | Direct Link

This post was recently updated on April 4, 2017