Android Apps Weekly Pack #10 [Latest]

Android Apps Weekly Pack


Android Apps Weekly Pack #10

Hello! Friends, On this post you will find the best android apps chosen from the releases on play store in recent weeks. Checkout Top Free and Best Android Apps Pack every Week in this site. Hope you’ll like it.Welcome to Android Apps Weekly Pack! This is the 10th edition, let’s get started:-

List of Apps:

  1. Nusoma Music Player Pro v1.0.1
  2. News by Notifications PRO v2.1.2
  3. White Noise v7.2 FULL Apk
  4. C Locker Pro v8.2.8 [Patched]
  5. 5555 English Grammar Tests Pro v1.0
  6. C Mobile Call Recorder Premium v9.4 [Unlocked]
  7. Collins Cobuild Intermediate Premium v8.0.224 [Unlocked]
  8. CM Launcher 3D – Theme, Boost v3.45.2 (Unlocked)
  9. Jyotish Tools v182
  10. GoodReader Pro v2.3.3
  11. Morecast USA Weather & Radar v3.9.2 [Premium]
  12. Photo Noise Reducer Pro v1.0.1.11
  13. Scanbot – PDF Document Scanner v6.6.1.204 PRO
  14. Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures v2.9.18 PRO
  15. Easy Speedometer Pro v1.98
  16. Map Coordinates 4.3.2 PRO
  17. WatchMaker Premium Watch Face v4.2.0
  18. Money Lover Money Manager Premium 3.6.6
  19. Light Flow Pro – LED Control v3.73.01
  20. PhotoMap PRO Photo Gallery v7.2
  21. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor v4.1.20
  22. SoundHound ∞ Music Search v7.6.0
  23. TV Line v3.0.7 [Ad Free]
  24. Premium Mobile Antivirus App v3.7.0
  25. WIFI Password Master v3.8.2 [Ad-Free]
  26. Weight Track Assistant v3.6.4.1 [Unlocked]
  27. Babbel – Learn Languages v5.6.7.031712 [Premium]
  28. Simply Learn English v2.0.0 [Premium]
  29. Dual SIM Selector PRO v2.7.5
  30. Anti Spy Detector Pro v1.5.5
  31. The Guardian v4.23.1080 [Subscribed]
  32. Avira Antivirus Security Premium v4.8 [Unlocked]
  33. Mega Zoom Camera v2.0 (AD-free)
  34. Swype Keyboard v3.1.0.3010010.49128 [Unlocked]
  35. Audiomack Free Music Downloads v3.1.4 [Unlocked]
  36. Collins English and Thesaurus v7.1.199 [Premium + Data]
  37. Sweech – Wifi File Transfer Premium v12
  38. OruxMaps Donate v7.0.10
  39. SofaScore Live Score v5.38.3 [Unlocked]
  40. Power Light – Flashlight LED v1.3.9 [Ad Free]
  41. Wps Wpa Tester Premium v3.0.1
  42. Password Saver v6.3.4
  43. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro v2.0.0.29
  44. WiFi Tool v1.0.16
  45. Maps & GPS Navigation OsmAnd+ v2.6.3
  46. PGPTools v1.21
  47. Mood Beats – Music Player v3.5.3 Platinum
  48. N Music (Material) v0.2.7
  49. Volume Control + v4.36



Download Apk File

Filename: 5555 English Grammar Tests Pro v1.0.apk 
Size: 4.6 MB 

Filename: Anti Spy Detector Pro v1.5.5.apk
Size: 3.5 MB 

Filename: Audiomack Free Music Downloads v3.1.4 [Unlocked].apk
Size: 29.7 MB 

Filename: Avira Antivirus Security Premium v4.8 [Unlocked].apk 
Size: 14.2 MB 

Filename: Babbel – Learn Languages v5.6.7.031712 [Premium].apk 
Size: 24.1 MB 

Filename: C Locker Pro v8.2.8 [_ed].apk 
Size: 12.2 MB 

Filename: C Mobile Call Recorder Premium v9.4 [Unlocked].apk 
Size: 5.7 MB 

Filename: CM Launcher 3D – Theme, Boost v3.45.2 (Unlocked).apk
Size: 12.4 MB 

Filename: Collins Cobuild Intermediate Premium v8.0.224 [Unlocked].apk 
Size: 15.8 MB 

Filename: Collins English and Thesaurus v7.1.199 [Premium + Data].rar 
Size: 38.5 MB 

Filename: Dual SIM Selector PRO v2.7.5.apk 
Size: 4.1 MB 

Filename: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro v2.0.0.29.apk 
Size: 10.8 MB 

Filename: Easy Speedometer Pro v1.98.apk 
Size: 4.3 MB 

Filename: Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures v2.9.18 PRO.apk 
Size: 5.3 MB 

Filename: GoodReader Pro v2.3.3.apk 
Size: 7.4 MB 

Filename: Jyotish Tools v182.apk 
Size: 9.6 MB 

Filename: Light Flow Pro – LED Control v3.73.01.apk 
Size: 19.7 MB 

Filename: Map Coordinates 4.3.2 PRO.apk 
Size: 5.4 MB 

Filename: Maps & GPS Navigation OsmAnd+ v2.6.3.apk
Size: 59.6 MB 

Filename: Mega Zoom Camera v2.0 (AD-free).apk 
Size: 5.5 MB 

Filename: Money Lover Money Manager Premium 3.6.6.apk 
Size: 19.8 MB 

Filename: Morecast USA Weather & Radar v3.9.2 [Premium].apk
Size: 38.6 MB 

Filename: N Music (Material) v0.2.7.apk 
Size: 16.3 MB 

Filename: News by Notifications PRO v2.1.2.apk
Size: 7.3 MB 

Filename: Nusoma Music Player Pro v1.0.1.apk 
Size: 6.2 MB 

Filename: OruxMaps Donate v7.0.10.apk 
Size: 24.5 MB 

Filename: Password Saver v6.3.4.apk 
Size: 17.8 MB 

Filename: PGPTools v1.21.apk 
Size: 9.7 MB 

Filename: Photo Noise Reducer Pro v1.0.1.11.apk 
Size: 22.1 MB 

Filename: PhotoMap PRO Photo Gallery v7.2.apk 
Size: 8.7 MB 

Filename: Power Light – Flashlight LED v1.3.9 [Ad Free].apk 
Size: 3.3 MB 

Filename: Premium Mobile Antivirus App v3.7.0.apk 
Size: 15.6 MB 

Filename: Scanbot – PDF Document Scanner v6.6.1.204 PRO.apk
Size: 23.3 MB 

Filename: Simply Learn English v2.0.0 [Premium].apk 
Size: 30.7 MB 

Filename: SofaScore Live Score v5.38.3 [Unlocked].apk 
Size: 18.6 MB 

Filename: SoundHound ∞ Music Search v7.6.0.apk 
Size: 30.7 MB 

Filename: Sweech – Wifi File Transfer Premium v12.apk 
Size: 6.6 MB 

Filename: Swype _board v3.1.0.3010010.49128 [Unlocked].apk 
Size: 28.3 MB 

Filename: The Guardian v4.23.1080 [Subscribed].apk 
Size: 14.0 MB 

Filename: TV Line v3.0.7 [Ad Free].apk 
Size: 9.3 MB 

Filename: Volume Control + v4.36.apk 
Size: 10.8 MB 

Filename: WatchMaker Premium Watch Face v4.2.0.apk 
Size: 27.5 MB 

Filename: Weight Track Assistant v3.6.4.1 [Unlocked].apk 
Size: 9.7 MB 

Filename: White Noise v7.2 FULL Apk.apk 
Size: 41.6 MB 

Filename: WIFI Password Master v3.8.2 [Ad-Free].apk 
Size: 5.4 MB 

Filename: WiFi Tool v1.0.16.apk 
Size: 40.1 MB 

Filename: Wps Wpa Tester Premium v3.0.1.apk 
Size: 4.5 MB 

Filename: Xodo PDF Reader & Editor v4.1.20.apk 
Size: 35.5 MB 
Thanks for Downloading!

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