Alternate File Shredder 2.050 + Portable

Alternate File Shredder

Alternate File Shredder software download for pc is a simple-to-use and effective software application that permits you to permanently eliminate files from the computer, in order to prevent other users from recovering it with specialized tools. It features some advanced settings that can be easily tinkered with.

After a brief and uneventful setup procedure, you are welcomed by a regular frame with a clear-cut structure, representing Alternate File Shredder’s interface.

Shred files and folders
• It is possible to add files and folders to the task list by dropping them into the main frame while navigating disk locations, and you can check out the name, format and date, along with the time and date of each item.

Shred file names, overwrite data, and wipe free space
• Before proceeding with the shredding operation, Alternate File Shredder can be asked to overwrite the data with random information and shred file names to make it even harder for other users to attempt and retrieve the files, ignore write protection (whenever available), and disable deletion confirmations. You can also pick the number of iterations and wipe free space to prevent the retrieval or already deleted items.

Evaluation and conclusion
• There were no types of issues throughout our tests, thanks to the fact that Alternate File Shredder did not freeze, crash or pop up error messages. It takes reasonable time to eliminate files and uses low CPU and memory, so it doesn’t hamper system performance. Plus, it lets you examine logged information with the program’s activity.
• All in all, Alternate File Shredder comes packed with powerful and easy-to-use options for securely deleting files and folders.

Features of Alternate File Shredder

Delete files:
• First you have to select the files you want to delete (shred). You can either do this by the buttons “Add” and “Add folder” or via the edit-menu. If you add a folder, its content is scanned and all contained files and subfolder-files are added to the file list. Use the “Remove” and “Clear” button if added some wrong files. Files can also be excluded from the deletion progress by removing the small hook in front of their names:

Shred free disk space:
• Before using this option (which may take several hours on large disks), close all other running programs which might write towards the desired drive. Save all your open files before
• The filelist content is not relevant for this option. Select “Shred free space” and another window opens. Here you can select the desired drive(s). Make sure, that your USB-Sticks or disks are inserted before. If you choos “OK”, the process will be started

• “Random data writing” – If checked, the data of the files is overwritten with a random structure, otherwise using zero-values. A random data structure is saver to avoid sucessful data recovery.
• “Confirm delete” – if checked, the program will ask you before a file gets deleted (recommended!)
• “Number of iterations” – sets the number of iterations the data is overwritten, more iterations are safer, less are faster (3 is recommended – 30 is very secure, but you still can select more iterations)
• “Ignore write protection” – if selected, the write protection of files is ignored (if you want to delete a complete folder or the content of a drive, this is recommended)

Title: Alternate File Shredder v2.050
Developer: Home Page
License: FreeWare
Language: Multi
OS: Windows
* Added option to leave folder structures

Download Alternate File Shredder 2.050 + Portable (2 MB) :
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