AdGuard 5.2 Build

Adguard 5.2 is a new version of the powerful ad and popup blocking utility that is designed to protect users from unwanted ads on websites. It silently works in the background and automatically removes banners from the pages you visit, thereby saving your traffic and reducing the page loading time. Apart from blocking ads, the program also keeps you away from phishing and malicious websites, protecting both the users and the computers.
The program supports both 32x and 64x Windows versions, and it works on all popular browsers. In the new version, the user interface was completely reworked and it also now has multilingual support. A new experimental filter based on Collective Intelligence has also been added, which is a system that continuously collects and analyzes submissions from the community of Adguard users around the world. 
Program name: Adguard 
Version: 5.2 
Release date: February 20, 2012 
Language: English 
OS: Windows
Key features of Adguard: 
1. Saves time and nerves; 
2. Works with all popular browsers; 
3. Easy to use, works just out of the box, needs no tuning or customization; 
4. Includes browser module;
5. Updated regularly; 
6. Works on 32x and 64x OS versions.
Release notes for 5.2 : 
Added : 
+ A completely reworked user interface with multilingual support 
+ Added an experimental filter based on Collective Intelligence 
+ Now supports even more browsers: Palemoon, Nichrome, Yandex.Internet 
+ Added ability to save user settings on uninstall 
+ Added German filter 
+ Added Windows 8 support 
+ Ad Blocker and Browsing Security modules now keep their state between restarts 
+ Users are now able to report false positive alarms in support section 
+ The official site has moved to 
Fixed : 
* Improved the filtration speed 
* Fixed critical flaws of the previous version 
* Fixed compatibility problems with third parties software
* Lowered HDD load 
* Fixed behavior of the “Skip” button in the messages about the new versions 
* Fixed encoding errors on some websites 
* Fixed positioning problems for the cases when system’s font is increased 
* Minor bug fixes

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This post was recently updated on June 10, 2012