Ad Muncher 4.91 Build 32562.3483 + Free

Powerful advert and popup blocking system for all browsers!
Most browsers available on the Internet nowadays come with built-in ad and pop-up blockers, so why use a different application for this purpose? Because Ad Muncher has so many features that it’s undoubtedly able to make the whole browsing experience a lot more pleasant.
The application is able to filter website data and block unwanted content, regardless if we’re referring to advertisements, links, images, sounds or various scripts.
Ad Muncher runs separately but integrates perfectly into most browsers, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, creating a special right click menu option to block content on the go.
Right clicking on a website gives you the power to block a given link, an image, a whole frame or disable filters on the entire page. In addition, there’s a special option to report the page and thus help the developer make the app better in the next releases.
The configuration screen on the other hand lets you remove music and sound, background images, colored scroll bars, bookmark scripts, automatic reloads, window resizing, browser status bar changes and even address icons.
Of course, you can configure the way the app handles advertisements, so there’s an option to leave small text-only adverts alone and replace removed images with a description of the image.
As for the popups, Ad Muncher blocks them all, including automatic javascript alerts and messenger service popups, showing you a notice in the browser status bar when a new popup is blocked.
Ad Muncher is impressively easy to use, but it has so many features that you may spend even a half an hour setting it up. But after that you will definitely know that no advertisement or popup will ever see daylight on your computer.
So all in all, given how many features it boasts, Ad Muncher comes with a fair price and it’s just the right way to improve the browsing experience. It’s free to try though, so why not giving it a try right now?
Here are some key features:
· Blocks adverts in all browsers.
· Blocks unwanted popups in all browsers.
· Blocks adverts in programs like ICQ, Morpheus, Kazaa, Grokster, Opera, PalTalk, iMesh, Bearshare, LimeWire, etc.
· Speeds up page loading, thanks to the missing adverts and popups.
· Blocks many annoying site behaviors.
· Filters quickly and reliably, thanks to six years of constant development and feedback from users.
· Includes extensive options for those who like to tinker, allowing you to remove anything that annoys you.
· Pentium 60 MHz
· 32 MB RAM
· 2 MB disk space
File Size : 1 MB

This post was recently updated on August 11, 2012