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Actual Window Minimizer 8.4 is a software utility that was developed specifically to aid people in minimizing certain apps to the system tray, creating custom keyboard shortcuts, dividing the screen and tweaking several window settings.

User-friendly interface
• The installation process does not pose any kind of issues and does not take too long. The interface is quite well-organized and minimal, seeing it only consists of a navigation panel, a few buttons and a panel in which to view the selected information. Although no Help contents are included, this utility can be used by both beginners and versed individuals.

Create hotkeys and enable a multi-monitor taskbar
• This program helps you enable hotkeys and customize them, for a wide variety of actions, such as saving desktop icon order, ignoring deactivation, maximizing and minimizing selected apps, locking mouse and saving idle screens.
• In addition to that, it is possible to enable a task switcher, preview for thumbnails and a multi-monitor taskbar. The latter has three modes you can use, namely “Individual,” “Mirror” or “Mixed”, which differ through the information displayed (each taskbar shows relevant windows, all taskbars show all windows, and a mixed view).

Create several profiles, divide the desktop and keep logs
• Monitor settings can be adjusted to suit your needs, as well as the Windows background and screensaver. It is possible to create multiple desktop profiles, so that you can switch between configurations with just a click of the button.
• Moreover, you can divide the desktop in multiple panes, edit tile layout and enable hotkeys for a particular layout. Multi-monitor environments are also supported and you can set up various keyboard shortcuts to move between them.
• Last but not least, it is possible to enable logging and the collection of usage statistics, so that you can analyze possible errors and get a clear picture of how the app is being used.

Bottom line
• In conclusion, Actual Windows Minimizer is quite a useful application which aids people in navigating their computer in a more efficient manner. The interface is suitable to all, the response time is good and there are sufficient options to keep you busy for quite a while.

• Multi-monitor taskbar
• Multi-monitor task switcher
• Multi-monitor background wallpaper
• Multi-monitor screen saver
• Desktop divider
• Desktop management tools
• Desktop mirroring tools
• Advanced multi-monitor window management
• Multi-monitor mouse

* The title buttons compact mode compatibility with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MS Office (2007 and higher) and Windows Explorer (Windows 8 and higher) is improved.
* The title buttons gradual compact mode is added.
* Sometimes running programs might crash after unloading Actual Window Minimizer.
* The bug prevented NuSphere PhpEd 15 debugger from starting is fixed.
* Magix products (Movie Edit, Music Maker) stopped responding during loading.

OS: Windows 2K / XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit / 2003

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