010 Editor 6.0.3 + KeyGen

010 Editor

010 Editor is specially built as a powerful text / hex editor designed to edit any file, or process on your computer. Using our unique Binary Templates technology, 010 Editor allows a binary file to be parsed into a data structure that can be understood.

Use the Inspector to easily edit data in a number of different formats. A set of sophisticated editing and analysis tools are included such as find / replace, binary compare, histograms, checksums, ASCII / EBCDIC / UNICODE conversions, find / replace in files, importing / exporting, highlighting, bookmarks and printing.

An integrated expression Calculator using C syntax is supplied and Scripts may be written to automate many different tasks.

* View and edit any binary file on your hard drive (unlimited file size) and text files including Unicode files, C/C++ source code, etc.
* Unique Binary Templates technology allows you to understand any binary file format
* Find and fix problems with hard drives, floppy drives, memory keys, flash drives, CD-ROMs, processes etc.
* Import and export your binary data in a number of different formats.

* Fixed a crash when a find occurrence was found on a line containing more than 65535 characters.
* Fixed the line number was not being properly displayed in the Find in Files results for text files.
* Fixed a problem opening file names on Mac OS X containing certain characters.
* Fixed a bug using the number constant 0xffffffffffffffff in a script or template;
* Fixed a crash when starting 010 Editor during the 30-day trial period and the system clock was set back (an error is now displayed).
* Fixed a crash when using an invalid regular expression in a syntax highlighting rule.
* Fixed the wrong number of pages being printing in certain cases when printing a hex file.
* Fixed Export CSV of the Find results for Hex Bytes sometimes improperly included an extra linefeed.
* Fixed the AddBookmark function was not properly using the UTF-8 character set for the ‘name’ parameter.

OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000

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