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8GadgetPack makes it possible to use gadgets on Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8. 8GadgetPack – a tool that will help bring back the familiar gadgets on the desktop in Windows 8, which will help you quickly get the right information (clock, calendar, weather, currency exchange rates, system, and so on). Gadgets are installed in the same simple manner as earlier. Included with the program are 45 gadgets (official from Microsoft, as well as the most popular), also included is a gadget 7 Sidebar, which mimics the Sidebar gadgets Windows Vista. The program has a set of standard and some additional gadgets, and also supports the installation of new ones.

In addition, you can check out the weather forecast via “Chameleon Weather”, monitor Clipboard contents and re-use previous clips, view analog clocks with different time zones, trigger power management actions, keep an eye on CPU and RAM usage, convert currencies, customize a calendar, use a feed reader, and schedule alarm clocks.

Other gadgets in the pack include drive diagnostics and monitoring tools, a Google search bar and Gmail launcher, GPU and network meters, radio stations, battery status monitoring, Recycle Bin, sticky notes, slideshows, Twitter, YouTube viewer, and volume control, among others.

Features of 8GadgetPack Final

handy window c settings “8GadgetPack Tools”, which contains the following options:
• Disable startup programs;
• Reset all the gadgets (back to how things were after the installation);
• Visit the website of the program;
• Leave a review;
• Uninstall applications

Title: 8GadgetPack v23.0
Developer: Helmut Buhler
License: FreeWare
Language: English
OS: Windows
* Made some usability tests and quite some issues came up!
* Added newsletter option so you can get notified about updates via mail.
* Fixed rare crash in Clipboarder when opening a link.
* Added workaround for a bug in MS Word when copying a formula while Clipboarder is running (Word crashes when the user copies a formula and then the textformat of the clipboard is requested. Clipboarder detects this now and skips the text formats).
* Added also another workaround for a minor bug in Word: When a certain clipboard format is requested Word adds a favorit inside the document.
* That format is now skipped as well.
* Fixed a bug with the “Enable unformatted paste” option in Clipboarder when used with the right shift-button.
* Clipboarder now handles images with transparency copied in browsers correctly.
* Added Date Time, Digitalclock, Turn off PC, CPU and Network Utilization Gadgets.
* Removed Google Mail gadget (it no longer works).
* You can place gadgets on the sidebar whereever you want now without snapping while holding Shift.
* Added workaround for a bug that caused several gadgets to fail sometimes during startup.
* Fixed a bug that caused gadgets to go behind the sidebar sometimes. Fixed many minor issues.
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